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The Girl Who Broke The Rules by Marnie Riches (George McKenzie #2)


Synopsis: When the mutilated bodies of two sex-workers are found in Amsterdam, Chief Inspector van den Bergen must find a brutal murderer before the red-light-district erupts into panic.

Georgina McKenzie is conducting research into pornography among the UK’s most violent sex-offenders but once van den Bergen calls on her criminology expertise, she is only too happy to come running.

The rising death toll forces George and van den Bergen to navigate the labyrinthine worlds of Soho strip-club sleaze and trans-national human trafficking. And with the case growing ever more complicated, George must walk the halls of Broadmoor psychiatric hospital, seeking advice from the brilliant serial murderer, Dr. Silas Holm…

Kat’s Rating: 4/5

Kat’s Review: George McKenzie is back, and this time she is flitting between London and Amsterdam. We also see the return of Chief Inspector Paul van den Bergen. The actual storyline was very engaging and I found myself falling into the storyline very quickly. As usual George is being pulled in different directions and its clear from the outset that her current personal set up isn’t all that great.

With the request from Van den Berg for her to help him with his current case everything else get moved down the list of importance. Paul starts a murder investigation which quickly escalates into so much more. In addition to this we see George interviewing convicted sex offender as research for her studies. Her conversations with the offender for some reason gave me the heeby jeebies. I think that’s always a sign that the writer is ‘getting it right’. The pace picks up as the book moves on keeps at a steady pace inching up as the ending nears.

There is plenty of action, drama along with moments where I thought I knew who was doing what, but no I was wrong. The book certainly touches on issues involving the sex industry and at times is unsettling. There is a gritty realism to her books which I love and I was absorbed right up until the end. The only thing for me that was lacking was my ability to like  George more than I do. Paul is a great character and although not without his issues is incredibly likeable. It’s just a shame that I don’t feel like that about George, however this may be because she is written as such a brash character due to her tendency to self-protect.

I really enjoyed this book and am certainly looking forward to reading what happens next. Luckily there isn’t too long to wait with the third part being released in October 2015 entitled ‘The Girl Who Walked in The Shadows’. I would certainly recommend this although it’s probably an idea to read the books in order. 

The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die by Marnie Riches (George McKenzie #1)



When a bomb explodes at the University of Amsterdam, aspiring criminologist Georgina McKenzie is asked by the police to help flush out the killer.

But the bomb is part of a much bigger, more sinister plot that will have the entire city quaking in fear. And the killer has a very special part for George to play…

Kat’s Rating: 3/5

Kat’s Review: This book has had rave reviews and seeing as I had an early copy of book 2 I figured I had better get an idea of book 1. This was certainly a slow burner for me and about a quarter of the way in I was wondering what was going on. The main character George is certainly readable as is the Detective Van den Bergen, but in the beginning I was struggling to keep up with all the unconnected characters, let alone the Dutch pronunciations. The main scope of the story involves a bomb that explodes in Amsterdam, drawing George into the investigation.

However, as the story progressed I became more engrossed and wanted to know what part the additional character Ella in London played. The story was a bit of a slow burner for me but as time went on it became more thrilling and I found myself absorbed in wanting to know what had happened. In addition there is another plot thread concerning George but I found myself not as concerned by this thread until later on.

For me the book was good, but still not as good as it could have been. Because of that I felt like I should rate it somewhere in the middle. I am certainly with the minority of people on this book, but maybe it was just me. I know that character names shouldn’t make such a difference, but sometimes for me they make a book that it harder to read if they aren’t that memorable or are particularly difficult to pronounce. Having said that, I am actually really looking forward to book 2 and now feel like I know George and Van de Bergen that bit better. Hopefully, I will be absorbed from page 1 with the next book.