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Little Black Lies by Sharon Bolton


Synopsis: What’s the worst thing your best friend could do to you?

Admittedly, it wasn’t murder. A moment’s carelessness, a tragic accident – and two children are dead. Yours.

Living in a small island community, you can’t escape the woman who destroyed your life. Each chance encounter is an agonizing reminder of what you’ve lost – your family, your future, your sanity.

How long before revenge becomes irresistible?

With no reason to go on living, why shouldn’t you turn your darkest thoughts into deeds?

So now, what’s the worst thing you can do to your best friend?

Kat’s Rating: 4/5

Kat’s Review: I have recently read Sharon Bolton’s series featuring Lacey Flint and really enjoy those books so was looking forward to reading a standalone. Catrin, the lead character is a dark and disturbed woman and its clear from the beginning that her past totally and utterly consumes her. The location for this book was the Falkland Islands and to be honest this for me was one of the highlights of the book. Sharon Bolton almost takes you there and her descriptive narrative sets the scene perfectly. With Catrin’s two small children dead her life has little meaning, however it soon becomes apparent that her sole focus is on that of the person she holds responsible for her children’s death.

In one respect there is a depressing element to this book but although that impression is built the level of tension, pace and sheer atmosphere keeps you engaged as a reader. The book is told from the perspective of not only Catrin, but also Callum and ex-soldier and Rachel, Catrin’s old best friend. We see an investigation take place with another small child gone missing on the island as well as Catrin’s determination to seek revenge.

To say any more would ultimately ruin the storyline, so I guess you will have to read this for yourself to find out. I enjoyed the book and it was certainly different, however in my opinion still not as engaging as the Lacey Flint books. This certainly has a completely different feel to it and is an extremely absorbing read which I enjoyed.  I will certainly look forward to another Lacey Flint book, but will also now be keenly looking out for any other standalone books in the future by Sharon Bolton.

Dead Scared by Sharon Bolton (Lacey Flint #2)


My Rating: 5/5

Availability: Hardback, Paperback, Kindle, Audio, Nook and Kobo

Synopsis:  Now face your darkest fears . . .

A spate of suicides.  Each one a female university student. Each one more shocking than the last. The police know it cannot be coincidence. But they can’t prove it. The only way to investigate is to send someone undercover.  A young policewoman, as vulnerable as the others.  As unprepared for the nightmare that will greet her. Don’t close your eyes, Lacey Flint . . . 

My Review: Sharon Bolton only just released the 4th book in this series so luckily I am not that far behind. Having read the first in the series last month I was raring to go with book 2, and what a ride it turned out to be. Lacey Flint is a somewhat damaged character, but not a weepy pathetic one, nor a demonically strong and independent one either. She is bang in the middle and probably the closest to what reality would be I would imagine. She has strengths and weaknesses but I really like her. She has a little bit of attitude and is bright without being portrayed as Miracle Woman!

In this newest case her senior officer Mark Joesbury calls Lacey in on an undercover job. As a somewhat junior copper (albeit experienced, after book 1!) she is pulled in to the job with the minimum amount of information. All she knows is that she is to pose as University student, due to the sudden high levels of suicides happening in and around the college. 

Lacey immerses herself in student life and has to portray herself as vulnerable which it soon appears is not that easy for Lacey. However, from the early stages you get the sense that things aren’t ‘quite right’ at the University . There is an undercurrent to the writing which is very dark and gives you that ominous feeling. I also loved the fact that we are seeing the progression of the relationship between Lacey and her senior Joesbury.

At around the halfway mark I realised that never before has a title been so aptly named. I was Dead Scared! Not on the whole gory, violet and descriptive front. The worse kind…you know when the hairs stand up on the back of your neck type of fear. I raced through this and fluctuated between thinking I knew who was to blame and why and how, to knowing absolutely nothing. It was absolutely fantastic rollercoaster of a read that had me scared, thrilled and desperate to read more. I mean what more could a reader want? By the end I was chomping at the bit to get started on book 3, but resisted and am hoping to get to book 3 VERY soon. A great series that I would highly recommend.

Now You See Me by Sharon Bolton (Lacey Flint #1)


My Rating: 4/5

Availability: Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle, Audio, Nook and Kobo

Synopsis: Despite her life-long fascination with the infamous Jack the Ripper, young London policewoman Lacey Flint has never worked a murder case or seen a corpse up close. Until now…

As she arrives at her car one evening, Lacey is horrified to find a woman slumped over the door. She has been brutally stabbed, and dies in Lacey’s arms.

Thrown headlong into her first murder hunt, Lacey will stop at nothing to find this savage killer.

But when Lacey receives a familiar letter, written in blood, pre-fixed Dear Boss, and hand-delivered, it is clear that a Ripper copycat is at large. And one who is fixated on Lacey herself. Can this inexperienced detective outwit a killer whose role model has never been found?

My Review: Once again I have embarked on a new series this time by Sharon Bolton. Our lead character is a trainee with the Met Police and her background is more chequered than you can imagine. Lacey Flint (great name for a character me thinks) is young and inexperienced. When she arrives at her car one evening to find a woman slumped on the ground and bleeding she realises that she cannot save her, and the woman subsequently dies in her arms. As she inadvertently becomes drawn into the case surrounding the woman, things take a murky turn.

The first quarter of the book was a little hard going for me. Certainly not in terms of the writing style, I just wasn’t too sure what to make of Lacey. The additional characters that appear such as Mark Joesbury and Dana Tulloch were absolute peaches and I loved them both from the start. The plot of the book and subsequent murders revolves around some sort of copycat from the Jack the Ripper cases. The book was clearly researched well from this perspective but to be honest the writing style and plot twists were enough to keep me hooked alone. As the book progresses the story gets much more intricate and the layers begin to peel back to show just what Lacey is hiding. As each layer was peeled back I found myself liking her more and more.

In addition to this the crime scenes aren’t short on descriptive gore which make it all the more realistic. The book is packed full of twists and is certainly not short on action. The last half of the book just flew by and just when I thought I had all the answers it turned out I was wrong. The ending gives the reader that real urge to just carry on reading (which I love) and I immediately downloaded book 2. I think this has the potential to turn out to be an extremely engaging and addictive series…I’m looking forward to it.