The Deep Abiding by Sean Black (Ty Johnson Series)

Synopsis: The winner of the 2018 International Thriller Writers Award returns with what readers are calling his ‘best book yet.’
Retired US Marine Ty Johnson is hired as the bodyguard for a young reporter investigating the brutal, decades-old murder of a young African American woman in the Florida Everglades.

The town where the murder took place is idyllic, and the people welcoming, but something sinister lies beneath the surface. It’s not long before the facade begins to crack and Ty finds himself plunged into a living nightmare that will test the very limits of his endurance as he battles to protect the idealistic young journalist

My Rating: 5/5

My Review: I am a HUGE Lock fan and must admit when I saw that this instalment was more about Ty, I was a little unsure. However, Mr Black has shown his skill by producing an amazing story which frankly is one of his best books in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong Mr Lock didn’t feature in it nearly enough for my liking but frankly Ty shone all on his own. 

Ty is looking after journalist Cressida King while she journeys down to the town of Darling to investigate a cold case murder from the seventies. Almost from the first page the characters gel amazingly well as Ty tries to keep his focus on his keeping her safe while Cress seems hell bent on involving herself in the heart of the rumours in the town. 

From the get go it’s clear the town is stuck in their ways and in their eyes there is no place in their town for people of colour. This enrages Cress to the point that she is prepared to take chances. Unfortunately for her, also being with Ty who is an African American standing at well over 6 feet tall they don’t go in-noticed. The trouble starts almost instantly for both of them and it produces a real page turner of a book. 

A few chapters in and I didn’t care that Ryan Lock didn’t feature and when he briefly appears in the story I almost wanted him to not get involved because this was Ty’s story to solve and fix the problems. I admit I was surprised just how much I loved this book, it was a fresh take on an old school problem done with class and finesse and showing how a page turner of a book is done! An outstanding book in this series and although this worked I thing Ty and Ryan work best together and produce magic so am looking forward to the next book hugely!

Red Tiger by Sean Black (Ryan Lock #9)

The winner of the 2018 International Thriller Writers Award returns with his latest explosive thriller featuring ex-military bodyguard Ryan Lock and his business partner, retired US Marine, Ty Johnson.

When the daughter of a Chinese billionaire is kidnapped from her mansion in Arcadia, California, Ryan and Ty find themselves caught in the middle of a vicious standoff.

Emily Yan is a Chinese ‘parachute kid’, one of thousands of children sent to study in America by their ultra-wealthy parents. Living in a multi-million dollar mansion in Arcadia, California with her hard-partying cousin Charlie, it’s not long before their ostentatious displays of wealth attract the wrong sort of attention in the form of some MS-13 gang members.

But someone else has been looking for Emily, a shadowy figure from back home known only as The Red Tiger. Two very different worlds collide in this explosive new thriller from Sean Black as Ryan Lock and his business partner, wise-cracking US Marine Ty Johnson, set out to save Emily from a violent tug of war between two deadly forces; the brutal members of America’s most dangerous gang, and an equally determined Chinese enforcer called the Red Tiger.

My Rating: 4/5

My Review: It’s been WAY too long since I have delved back into my superhero of fictional characters Ryan Lock’s life. This is the ninth book in the series and we are back with Ryan and his colleague Ty. These two are absolutely meant to work together and as much as I enjoyed the last short story featuring Ty on his own, they are so much more engaging when they are working side by side.

Emily the daughter of a Chinese Billionaire and her cousin have been kidnapped so Ryan and Ty are called in to help find them. The only problem is they seem to have been taken by the brutally and well known violent gang MS-13. On the opposite side of the story it seems there is another person also interested in finding Emily and at first there is no clear cut reason why.

This story was fabulous and kept me turning the pages until late into the night. One element which has slightly changed is the fact that Ryan now has a lady in his life and it’s amusing to see how that changes the dynamic of Ryan and Ty’s friendship. I also liked the addition of Carl Galante who featured in a previous book and thought he was a great addition to both Ryan and Ty.

There is plenty of pace in this book and it build up as the story continues. The story of the other man chasing Emily is slowly revealed making it even more tense for all those involved. In short this was another 5 star read and in truth Sean Black can do no wrong in my eyes. This is one of my favourite series and have enjoyed each and every book that has been released. It’s clear Sean Black knows his stuff and I can only hope this series continues for years to come. Hugely recommended and although it could be read as a stand alone, this series is too good to start here. So if you are interested do yourself a favour and go back to the first book and work your way through…I promise you wont be dissapointed

The Deep Lonely by Sean Black (Ty Johnson Novella)


Synopsis: Ty Johnson has made the transition from the US Marine Corp to a succesful career as a private security specialist. But not all of his former comrades have been so lucky.

When the news of an armed siege at a nearby emergency room flashes on screen, Ty recognizes Pete Green, one of his old Marine buddies. Ty knows that he has to move fast if he’s to save his friend’s life.

Kat’s Rating: 5/5

Kat’s Review: Okay people, if you haven’t read the Ryan Lock and Ty Johnson series by Sean Black then there is seriously something wrong…this is one of the best series of books written and is hugely under-rated. I am not necessarily a lover of the short novella type books (in this case a 17,000 word short book) but for these guys…I make an exception.

Not a lot to say about this particular little nugget of a book except that it’s brilliant and will give you an insight into the sort of guy Ty Johnson is. I already know what sort of guy he is along with his partner Ryan Lock and this seems more like something to whet the appetite until the next full length novel comes out (which I think is October). I would highly recommend people read not only this novella but the whole series as it’s awesome! One thing I will say is that Ryan Lock gets more airtime and it’s great seeing Ty get all of the attention. I would always read a book about either character but their strength is when they work together!