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Husband Missing by Polly Williams


My Rating: 3/5

In this book by Polly Williams we meet Gina who has met and married Rex within a matter of months. When her husband goes missing on a holiday with friends her dream marriage starts to turn on its head. Rex’s brother Jake is instrumental in helping Gina to try and find Rex or some clue as to why he has gone missing. The initial part of the book really grabbed me and you are left with so many questions at the beginning of the story. As time progresses and we see Gina return to the UK, her life has to move on but she struggles with day to day things. As more about Rex’s past is revealed I began to find myself getting a little irritated with Gina as a character. Maybe this was just me but I felt that she was so weak and vulnerable I wanted to slap her!

Rex’s brother Jake on the other hand was a great character and I really liked him from early on. The story was certainly different and the writing was as in her other book brilliant. I just couldn’t help but feel like I was missing something. When I finished the book I certainly enjoyed it, but the character Gina just irritated me so much that I began to dislike her and it just ruined it a little for me. This certainly isn’t my favourite Polly Williams book but I think it will be a favourite with many others. I will carry on reading Polly Williams as I have really enjoyed her other books, and maybe next time I will like the character more. There was slightly hurried feel to the end of this book too, which maybe lessened my enjoyment of it, but I still felt like it was a good read, just not a favourite of mine.

The Angel at No. 33 by Polly Williams


My Rating: 3/5

I have never read a Polly Williams book before and was looking forward to trying somebody new. Polly Williams is far from a newbie on the writing scene though and this will be her 7th release. The synopsis of the book was interesting and the cover was appealing enough.

When I first started reading the book I instantly liked the main character Sophie. She is a normal married mum with her little boy Freddie and her handsome husband Ollie. However, when she meets her best friend Jenny for a drink, she doesn’t realise that her time on earth will finish with that night out. Now I know that put like that it will seem like a depressing read, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The story then shifts and we see a different perspective on life and death. Sophie appears in the book, but we only get to see her thoughts and feelings as she witnesses her friends and family deal with the loss of her. Her best friend Jenny then takes the main lead as we see her try to make sense of not only her own life, but help Ollie and Freddie put their life back together.

I wasn’t initially as keen on Jenny as I was Sophie, but at around the halfway mark I had warmed to her much more. Jenny has to deal with some of Sophie’s `other’ set of friends that were involved through Freddie’s school. This certainly makes the story a whole lot more interesting and the characters involved certainly brightened up the story.

Overall, this was a very easy book to read and featured some really nice moments. I really liked the fact that Polly Williams has made the issue of death a little more light-hearted, as I feared the book may become a bit morose. There were some very funny moments, as well as the most irritating character on earth being Jenny’s fiancé Sam. I enjoyed the story, but after the halfway mark I knew where the story was taking the reader. I know that many books have a predictability factor, but this was a little too predictable to make this book stand out from others.

I certainly liked the writing, and from other reviews of the book can see that this book is slightly different from Polly’s usual style. I will most certainly be looking out for more books from her and look forward to reading some of her older books too.