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She Saw What He Did by Lynda Renham

41t6ncB+AlL._SY346_ Synopsis: Abby Miller thought she had the perfect family; a good looking, loving husband and a beautiful daughter. Her life was complete. The shock discovery that her husband, Jared, had been having an affair rocked her world. So when Jared suggested a short break to the Cannard Islands, to heal their fractured marriage, Abby agreed. An idyllic holiday turns into a nightmare when Abby sees something through the telephoto lens of her camera. Suddenly her life and the life of her daughter are in serious danger and no one seems able to help them.

My Rating: 4/5 Continue reading “She Saw What He Did by Lynda Renham”

Remember Me by Lynda Renham


Synopsis: A new neighbour becomes a new friend. She looks up to you. She admires you, but is it you she wants? You begin to wonder if she wants your husband, or even your child. But then you realise, she wants your life. 

When Sharni and Tom move into 24 The Pines, it seems like Clare and Chris have the perfect neighbours. Sharni is always there to help, especially with childcare for Clare’s two-year-old, Ben. But Clare can’t shake off the feelings of anxiety that assail her whenever Sharni is near. Is Clare just being overprotective, or are her feelings justified? As Sharni‘s influence touches everyone around her, Clare finds herself fighting for her sanity as well her family.

Kat’s Rating: 4/5

Kat’s Review: I have read a few of Lynda Renham’s books and loved them, however this is the first foray of hers into a different genre (to my knowledge anyway) and I was unsure what to expect. I was very pleasantly surprised and found myself totally engaged with this rather dark story Involving Claire and a new neighbour named Sharni. It’s very clear from the outset that Claire is not your average person. She seems incredibly highly strung and it doesn’t take long before as a reader you are questioning why she is like that. Then add in to the mix the new neighbour Sharni who instantly made me feel like Claire should be on guard. Sharni was over familiar from the outset and it’s clear there is more to her introduction to Claire than just being a friendly neighbour.

Although Claire was slightly edgy as a charcter I still quite liked her and as we see her interact with her husband Chris and young son Ben. Sharni and her husband Tom very quickly seem to make themselves part of Claire and Chris life and there is always an underlying question mark as to why. As the story progresses, more and more things start to go wrong and it doesn’t take long before you are questioning who is at fault.

Towards the end, we then see the same events but from Sharni’s point of view. I understand the reasoning for this but at times it felt a little bit of a chore. Maybe it might have worked better by mixing the chapters up by time frame and character rather than by repeating the same time frame in one hit. That small niggle aside I loved this book and just had to get to the end to find out what the truth was. I was surprised by the ending, but at the same time it was always a possibility in my mind. Overall, a hugely enjoyable book and I will look forward to reading more by this author in this genre.

Phoebe Smith’s Private Blog by Lynda Renham


Synopsis: Fashion conscious Phoebe Smith wants only one thing: a date for the works party in six weeks’ time. She embarks on a journey to find her man and keeps a private blog of all her disastrous encounters. But when her four-year-old nephew gets into her account, Phoebe’s problems only just begin. With Tinder calamities, a male escort and a pork pie addiction, Phoebe tackles her biggest problem: the just too irritating Harry Bloom. Come with Phoebe on her search for the perfect man and see who will accompany her to the party in this hilarious romantic comedy novel.

Kat’s Rating: 4/5

Kat’s Review: I really love Lynda Renham Books as they never fail to make me chuckle. In this case the same rule applies and I found that it cheered me up immensely in the middle of a particularly drudge filled week. Phoebe Smith is a funny character that I instantly liked. She works at the Department store and is 34 and single. She has a group of equally crazy friends and her current mission is to find a date for the upcoming ‘Works Party’ following her disastrous break up.

With her friend Imogen and the very camp Mak she is surrounded by friends whose solution is to drink through it, but those friends make for some stupidly funny decisions she makes. One drunken encounter sees them all agreeing that Phoebe should write a Blog, albeit a personal one about her life instead of writing in a diary. What follows is a stupidly funny tale where Phoebe finds herself in all sorts of weird situation featuring things such as Pork Pies, Male Escorts and Tinder (and that’s just the start).

I admit I loved the character Harry Bloom, but the ones that made me really laugh were the disastrous dates! The story flows along with the help of Phoebes friends and over lactating Sister Rita as well as her Mum who had some brilliant lines in the book. I can truly say this book had me smiling and laughing and certainly ticked many boxes but (I hear people say) why only 4 stars?

Well the only negative for me was that at times I found myself comparing this to Bridget Jones. There were moments that I read and instantly brought to mind Bridget, however having recently seen the film this may account for why. That was the only reason I didn’t give it the full 5, but at a guess I am assuming Lynda Renham won’t mind me comparing her book to the Bridget film too much! Overall a great romantic comedy that will no doubt cheer up somebody else’s dreary week.

Perfect Weddings by Lynda Renham


Synopsis: Every bride wants a perfect wedding and that includes Georgina Winters. Amy Perfect is the crème de la crème of wedding planners so who best to plan Georgina s wedding… except the man Georgina plans to marry is the same man who jilted Amy three years ago. Will her plan to give Georgina the most imperfect wedding backfire on her? Is this the chance for Amy to win back the love of her life, or will insufferable Ben Garret put a spanner in the works? Arab princes, spoilt brides and wedding catastrophes make Perfect Weddings a page-turning romantic comedy that will keep you guessing until the very last page.


KAT’S REVIEW: Okay first up if you have a filthy and stupid sense of humour (such as I do) you HAVE to get this book. I have read quite a few of Lynda Renham’s books and this is without a doubt hands down the best book of hers I have read. I was feeling a bit irritated and having one of those days when I started this on my morning commute yesterday. It was finished by the time I got home and was frankly the one thing that got me through the day!

The book starts out with the worst possible scenario for a woman, in this case Amy who gets jilted at the alter. Almost immediately the characters that surround Amy are hilarious and Amy herself is a character that had me giggling from the get go. The book skips forward a few years and we meet Amy when she is finally where she wants to be. Instead of being the slightly overweight mortician who got jilted at the alter she is now a successful wedding planner who has the body to match.

Unfortunately Amy’s life goes into a full on spin when Georgina asks Amy to be her wedding planner. The only snag is that Georgina is marrying the same man who left Amy at the alter. Of course the sensible option is to turn it down, but Amy just can’t help herself. What comes next is a hillarious story of Amy trying to conceal who she is and in turn manages to involve other Brides, strange Sheikh Princes as well as her friend Rosie and on occasion her shockingly honest family.

This book truly was a joy to read. It gave me the same feeling of joy I get when I watch Bridget Jones (if you see what I mean).  There are moments in this book which literally had me belly laughing and although there will no doubt be people that criticise the author for these ‘ridiculous and unrealistic moments’, I certainly wont be one of them.  These situations Amy manages to get herself into are funny, outrageous and sometimes stupid. What made them all the more enjoyable is how normal Amy is. As a character I felt like Amy was a real ‘no holds barred’ kind of woman and the comments, quirks and scenarios we see her in felt perfect.

Not only does Amy make this a delight to read, but the other characters within it do too. Bride Chardonnay and Georgie’s friend Patsy were just two of the characters I loved. In fact there were none that I disliked. I can only cross my fingers and hope that maybe Amy, or some of the secondary characters may make an appearance in future books, and there are plenty of great characters to choose from.

Is this a book you can look back on and discuss at a book club about the hidden and wonderful meaning and morals within? Not in my opinion no. Is this a book that will make you laugh your a*se off and cheer you up no end? Yes! I will be passing this book on to all my family and friends as a MUST READ. Bravo  Lynda Renham, this is by far the best book of yours I have read and one that had me smiling right the way through…until I finished it and then felt like I had read too fast! AN absolute MUST for your to read list.

Fifty Shades of Roxie Brown by Lynda Renham


Synopsis: Roxie Brown loves erotica and her friend, Sylvie, loves crime … novels of course. On a girls’ night out they meet The Great Zehilda, the tea leaf reader, and suddenly Roxie’s Fifty Shades fantasies about her millionaire boss, Ark Morgan, look about to become a reality. But then she looks through the telescope and her life is turned upside down. Roxie and Sylvie, with help from Sylvie’s flatmate, Felix, set out to crack the case. Can Ark Morgan save her or is he the man she should be running from? Then enter Sam Lockwood and her heart is shot with another arrow. Come with Roxie Brown on her hilarious crime-busting romantic adventure and discover if the love of her life is the man of her dreams or if the man she loves is her worst nightmare.

Kat’s Rating: 4/5

Kat’s Review: First off, if you want some serious reading with a hidden meaning and some serious fiction to make to evaluate things (why would you but each to their own) then this book won’t be for you. If you want something funny, ridiculous, entertaining and downright pleasurable then this may tick the boxes. It is pure escapism with a big fat capital E!

Roxie Brown is absolutely wonderful. She’s a normal girl, doing a mundane job as a Chambermaid but it pays the bills. Her layabout boyfriend Darren is a complete waste of space but her friends Sylvie and Felix are enough to keep her happy. Roxie is obsessed with a certain erotica type fictional book, so much so that much of her working day is spent fantasising over her boss Ark Morgan. Her friend Sylvie on the other hand is obsessed with fictional Crime and reckons she could be the next Jane Tennison.

Things take a bit of a strange turn when she is home one night following some shocking news and happens to peer through Darren’s telescope and witnesses a murder. This is the start of a hilarious and outlandish story involving every one. In addition to Ark Morgan, we meet Sam Lockstone who happens to be a rival of Ark Morgan’s. At this point Roxie does the only thing she knows…turns to her friends. Cue a hilarious tale while the three of them become determined to solve the crime.

Nope this book is not serious one little bit, and yes don’t get me wrong there are parts that are farfetched…but that’s what makes it so funny. Sylvie and Felix make an absolutely brilliant addition to Roxie and the situations they get themselves in to had me belly laughing on more than one occasion. I came to the end of the book and decided that I need a couple of friends like these; my life would certainly be a lot more interesting. A feel good and funny book that is perfect for cheering yourself up!

Rory’s Proposal by Lynda Renham


My Rating: 5/5

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Synopsis: When 29-year-old Flora Robson reversed her car into Tom’s Audi she had no idea who he was. Only after she has started to fall in love with him does she discover the gorgeous blue-eyed Tom is the man who is trying to close down her hairdressing business. It seems that Tom will stop at nothing to get what he wants, but Flora is not giving in to anyone. Can she win the battle against her multimillionaire enemy or will her feelings for him get in the way? Follow Flora’s hilarious journey of love, hot chocolate and marshmallows, and the man who changes everything.

My Review: Having not read any of Lynda Renham’s previous books I went into her new one with an open mind. I must say that within a few chapters I had fallen in love with the lead character Flora Robson. Flora’s boyfriend Luke is frankly a bit of an idiot. As we get to know Flora you soon realise that any woman that has to stash her chocolate in a Tampax box, so the boyfriend doesn’t find out, seriously needs to look at her relationship. Flora has her own hair salon and she finds herself fighting against the big Supermarket who want to buy her shop and put her out of business.

With all of that going on she has no idea that what seems like an innocent prang in her car with the delectable Tom will make her life go from bad to worse. The wonderful thing about this book is without a doubt the characters. Not only is Flora (or Flo as she is more commonly called) a brilliant lead, she is surrounded by hilarious characters that just add to the story. Her work colleagues Sandy and Ryan add their flavour as well as Flo’s mum (who IMO was the funniest character out of all of them), and they make the story so much more engaging. 

Now don’t get me wrong, there will no doubt people out there that will be looking for a moral to the story (there’s always one!), and I hate to say it…this doesn’t have one. Hurray! This is a good ol’ fashioned fun and light hearted wonderfully amusing book that will keep you entertained from start to finish. It has everything I want in this sort of book, funny characters, a good storyline, romance, tears and laughter. I mean what more can you ask for? I read this in one day and there are certain parts of the book that had me really laughing out loud (all I will say is that when you hear the Bio-freeze mentioned, you’ll know what I mean). This is the perfect book to take on holiday, read on your commute, or generally just put a smile on your face. Class act Lynda Renham, and I can’t wait to read the rest of your books now!