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Take A Chance on Me by Jill Mansell


My Rating: 5/5

Cleo and Abbie Quinn are sisters. Abbie is happily married to Tom and has been since she was young. They are envied by people living in their village as they seem to have the perfect marriage. Cleo on the other hand has never had much luck with men. Her latest boyfriend Will seems to tick all of the boxes. One of Cleo’s old school friends Johnny LaVenture turns up back in the village and he has never been Cleo’s favourite person. Having teased her mercilessly at school Cleo can’t bear to be around him. Meanwhile Abbie’s husband is behaving strangely; he is being very withdrawn and is definitely hiding something. When she finds out the shocking truth, she is not only shocked, but completely unaware that her life is about to turn head over heels. Both sisters realise that the past is never too far away and that it can ultimately destroy everything.

I have my preference for reading and it falls either into the Crime/Thrillers genre or Chick Lit. When it comes to Chick Lit, Jill Mansell is one of the favourites amongst many of my friends and family. I have read every single one of her books and thoroughly loved at least 95% of them. However in recent years with other authors breaking through and the older authors producing great stories she hasn’t shone as much for me. Luckily with this book she has re-taken her crown. She is firmly placed in the Chick Lit Elite and quite rightly so.

It is very hard to review and give opinion when you don’t want to give too much away so forgive me if some of it seems cryptic. Overall this story flowed off the pages and with each page I read it became even more enjoyable.

The two sisters are nothing like each other, which personally I love. They have two completely different situations to deal with but throughout the whole story are there for each other. Mansell writes two threads in the book one for each sister. They are a joy to read because each of them has their own strange quirks which make them pretty loveable but not perfect.

Cleo’s story is difficult to comment on but it was written extremely well with one of the two men appearing in her life getting a great come-uppance. Cleo is a chauffeur and on her journey we get to meet a famous start she is driving around Casey Kruger and he is written as the bolshie and obnoxious typical star. We also meet Ash who is Cleo’s best friend and neighbour. Not only is Ash a neighbour he is a minor celebrity in the village hosting a Radio Station Programme where he has a devout following of female fans.

Abbie on the other hand is battling her issues with her husband. She manages to get the wrong end of the stick and gets herself in a sticky predicament that could cause the break up of her marriage.

Rumour Has It by Jill Mansell


Synopsis: When newly single Tilly Cole impulsively quits her London job for a fresh start in the small town of Roxborough she finds she’s arrived in a hotbed of gossip, intrigue and rampant rivalry for the most desirable men. Tilly has no intention of joining in – she’s just happy with her new Girl Friday job. Then she meets Jack Lucas. Jack is irresistible… and he’s got his eye on Tilly. But there are shocking rumours about his wicked reputation. Tilly doesn’t want to be just another notch on anyone’s bedpost. But is she being mature and sensible – or is she running away from the love of her life?

Kat’s Rating: 5/5

Kat’s Review: The last book I read by JM was great, and I didnt think that her books could get any better. I was wrong! This story starts with Tilly walking home to find that Gavin her live in boyfriend has done a bunk. Moved out without so much as a backward glance. Although hurt (but slightly relieved) she visits her friend Erin in Roxborough to cheer herself up. Little does she know that this visit would change her life completely. She ends up applying for a “strange sounding” job advertised in the local rag and before she can blink has set up home in Roxborough and is thrown in to a whirlwind of a new life. The new life involves Max (the gay but formerly straight interior designer), his teenage daughter and Max’s best friend Jack. The story is funny and such a pleasure to read. The only thing I was dissapointed in was that I finished it too quickly. If you are a big Chick Lit fan you cannot get better than this so get yourself a copy.

An Offer You Can’t Refuse by Jill Mansell

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Synopsis: Lola has no intention of accepting when her boyfriend Dougie’s snobbish mother offers her 10,000 to break up with him. Then she discovers a secret that makes her think again. Dougie would probably have broken up with her in the long run, and this way she can help one of the people she loves most in the world.

Ten years later, though, when Lola meets Dougie again, her feelings for him are as strong as ever. But she broke Dougie’s heart and he’s about to discover that she was paid to do it. She can never tell him the truth, so can she get him back? Well, Lola’s very attractive and very persuasive. But even she’s got her work cut out this time

Kat’s Rating: 5/5

Kat’s Review: I got a bit tired of Jill Mansell books for a while but when her new one came out I thought I’d give it a try and I’m glad I did. The story is about Lola, a young girl who falls in love and then moves abroad after getting herself in a situation. When she comes back her life takes an unexpected turn and her first true love is back in her life with a bang. Lola is a great character and one that any girl can compare in some ways to a close friend. This book was warm, heartfelt and funny. The perfect combination. Couldn’t put it down and thoroughly enjoyed every chapter. Yes, it’s a typical ‘Chick Lit’ book but I will definately by buying Jill Mansells new releases in the future. Any book that makes me laugh on the train on my daily and dreary commute deserves 5 stars! Highly recommended and guaranteed to cheer you up!