Broken Souls by Patricia Gibney (Lottie Parker #7)

51s04OK7aGL Synopsis: One dark winter’s morning, bride-to-be Cara Dunne is found hanging in her home, dressed in her wedding dress, with a lock of hair removed. Detective Lottie Parker is first on the scene. Looking at Cara’s bruised and battered body, she wonders who could have hated her enough to kill her at the happiest time of her life.

The case takes a darker turn that afternoon with another shocking discovery – the broken body of a second young woman, pushed from the roof of the hospital where she worked. Fiona Heffernan was also due to be married, and her body is clad in a wedding dress, a lock of her hair cut off.

The killings seem so personal that Lottie is convinced the girls have been killed by someone they knew. When she goes to break the news to Fiona’s family, she’s on the alert for anything suspicious. But then she makes a discovery that causes her blood to run cold – Fiona’s eight-year-old daughter Lily didn’t return home from her dance recital that afternoon. Terrified that Lily will be the next victim of a twisted and dangerous individual, Lottie takes the case into her own hands, risking her life when she comes face-to-face with the killer…

My Rating: 4/5

My Review: I have been binge reading this series and for some reason I just HAVE to go straight onto the next book. The last book I felt like Lottie was a little lost and to be honest was really hoping there were some changes in this latest book. This latest case was certainly a lot more engaging and starts with an apparent suicide of a young lady dressed in a wedding dress. As always with these books I become engaged especially with the characters such as Boyd and Lottie’s kids. However, I still have niggling doubts over Lottie’s ability to sort her personal life out. I understand that everyone has their issues but I think she needs to take some form of control with her family as it makes her seem uncaring. It seems her kids always wind up in the middle of whatever mess is going on, and then she realises…and her solution is just to go back to work???

That niggle asside, the book was certainly more engaging than the last and I found myself absorbed in the storyline. I wish that characters such as Kirby got more of a look in as he feels a little neglected as a character. Boyd is as ever determined and loyal to a fault and very readable. Overall I enjoyed this one and by the time I got to the closing chapters there was absolutely no question that I HAD to move on to book 8. Overall another enjoyable and engaging read but still crossing my fingers in the hope we get even more in the next book.

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