Avenue of Thieves by Sean Black (Ryan Lock & Ty Johnson #11)

51swroAX64L._SY346_ Synopsis: When one of the world’s wealthiest men is suddenly hunted by deadly forces, guns-for-hire Ryan Lock and Ty Johnson are enlisted to protect the financier’s family in New York City. The two former military men must act quickly and decisively to stop the shadowy forces in deadly pursuit…

A tense, action-packed novel that shuttles between Russia in the late 1980s, and modern-day New York, where a Russian oligarch is plunged into a living nightmare.

What would you do for a million dollars? Now what would you do for a billion?

Back in the 1980s, as the Soviet Union collapsed, Dimitri Semenov battled Russia’s fearsome mafia, and the KGB, to amass a vast fortune.
Then, as his enemies circled, he fled to America, taking his billions with him. Now someone wants all that money back, with interest, and they’ll go to any lengths to get it.

My Rating: 5/5

My review: I am a huge fan of both the author and in particular this series and was looking forward to whatever the next job brought both Lock and Ty. This book had a slightly different twist and was split with flashbacks taking place in Russia in the 1980s. Dimitri Semenov is the main character and as usual with his life on the line Ryan and Ty step in to see what they can do to help.

Sean Blacks last book had a different feel to the earlier books in the series but I absolutely loved it, and again with this book it had a slightly different feel to it using Russia back in the 80s as the flashback scenes. As usual wherever Ty and Lock are, there is usually plenty of action and danger and this book is no different and there is an abundance of both as soon as the book starts.

The book keeps high paced and is full of threads that keep you wondering the outcome all the way through. I thoroughly loved this book as I have all the others, however it seems that the series is working its way to a natural conclusion and for that I will be extremely sad. However, having read other series by this author (such as Byron Tibor) I cannot wait for any future books whether it features Ty and Lock or somebody else. A series and author I would highly recommend.

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