An Almost Perfect Holiday by Lucy Diamond

580C5D72-C21A-4004-8662-7F8F44ACE10A Synopsis: The holidays are here, and down in Cornwall Lorna’s cottages are fully booked. The sun loungers are lined up beside the swimming pool, the sky is blue and a new set of arrivals are on their way . . .

Em’s planned the perfect break with her teenagers plus her new boyfriend, George . . . but now his difficult six-year-old is coming too. Will their romance survive the realities of parenthood?

Maggie’s hoping a seaside holiday will bring her and her daughter closer together, but when her ex makes a surprise reappearance, it changes everything. Can she trust the man who broke her heart?

Olivia has escaped the domestic grind, only for the past to catch up with her. Maybe the time has come to confess all – if she can find the courage . . .

Meanwhile, the teenagers are running wild and love is in the air. With friendship, heartache and secrets in the mix, will this holiday turn out to be a scorcher – or simply too hot to handle?

Kat’s Rating: 4/5

Kat’s Review: I am most certainly a fan of Lucy Diamond’s books and was looking forward to reading something by her and thankfully I wasn’t disappointed. Having said that, I didn’t enjoy this book as much as the last one of hers I read. It’s a little bit slow to start but warms up wonderfully and it ended up being a very enjoyable read.

There are three main characters in this story all of who have their own problems but for me Emma was the main lead and her story was enjoyable and her family very funny at times. Emma is divorced and decides to take her holiday in Cornwall with her new boyfriend and his daughter. It was bound to be a disaster from the outset but she is a very likeable character and one that I was rooting for from the beginning. 

The cottage that Emma has rented stands next to two others which is where both Maggie and Olivia make their entrance. Maggie is a single mother with teenage daughter and Olivia is running away from her own family problems but returning to the place of her youth. There are a few various threads running through this story but at its heart is three women all trying to do what is right and sharing their journey’s with them.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the characters within it, although I ended up feeling a little disappointed with the way that Olivia’s story progressed, which maybe counts towards the 4 and not 5 star review. That small niggle aside this is a great book and one that I think many people will enjoy.

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