Every Dark Corner by Karen Rose (Cincinnati #3)

51taS1bpDFL._SX325_BO1,204,203,200_ Synopsis: When FBI Special Agent Griffin ‘Decker’ Davenport wakes from a coma, he immediately thinks of two things: first, the ring of human traffickers he’s spent the past three years undercover to bring down was just the tip of the iceberg; second, the brown eyes he sees upon waking belong to a woman he trusts to help him finish the job he started.

FBI Special Agent Kate Coppola’s mission is to stop the growing menace of domestic human trafficking, starting with the customers and suppliers of the now-broken Cincinnati trafficking ring. Decker’s new revelation is her worst nightmare – one of the traffickers’ customers is acquiring teens for the Internet sex trade.

Kate and Decker’s search for this mystery customer becomes more difficult and dangerous with every passing hour as witnesses, suspects, and even members of their own team, are systematically exterminated by a predator who lets nothing stand in his way…

My Rating: 5/5

My Review: I have been reading and reviewing for nearly 13 years and last year I decided to take a huge step back from reviewing as it was becoming more of a chore that it should have been. What you don’t realise when you decide to become a blogger/reviewer especially in the book world is that it can spiral…and quickly! With a full time job and my own business I found myself with a bigger and bigger to read pile with each passing day. That then turned into pressure and it became less of an enjoyable hobby and more of a ‘I MUST READ THIS’ kind of thing. The result was that I fell out of love with reading so I stepped back and decided to read what I wanted to and when I wanted to. The last year has been spent with me reading books that take my fancy and as much as I have enjoyed it a lot more it is only the last month that my passion for reading has come alive once again. This sounds dramatic (it’s really not) but I just thought some background may help. When I picked up book 2 in the Karen Rose ‘Cincinnati’ series I had no idea that this series of books would truly put me back in LOVE with reading so my sincere thanks to this author.

Now many Karen Rose fans will already know that her books are not always short and this current offering (book 3 in the series) is well over 600 pages. However, I didn’t care! Having read book 2 and catching up again with the people that were part of the series I just wanted to get on with it and get to this current book. Book 1 features Deacon Novak, book 2 featured Scarlett Bishop and Marcus O’Bannion, and this current one goes on to Kate Coppola and Griffin Davenport. This series I can only compare to living in a small village and each book features a couple of characters, but everybody else is also featured as they too live in the village.

As much as I loved book 2, this one was what made me realise I was back in love with reading. Karen Rose books are yes indeedy the thriller type of book but they almost always throw in a good bit of raunchy sex along the way (this one being no exception). I absolutely LOVED everything about this book. The storyline, the characters, getting to know more about all the people involved in the ever growing circle and I just wanted to keep reading even when it was over.

Thankfully I have another couple of these books to read so I gladly went onto book 4 which has pleased me no end. These are some of the best books I have read in a LONG time and they made me fall back in love with reading. HIGHLY reccomended

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