An Island Christmas by Jenny Colgan (Mure Series)

download Synopsis: It’s a time for hunkering down, getting cosy in front of whisky barrel wood fires, and enjoying a dram with the people you love – unless, of course, you’re accidentally pregnant to your ex-boss, and don’t know how to tell him. In what should be the season of peace and goodwill on earth, will Joel think Flora is a bearer of glad tidings?

Meanwhile Saif, the doctor and refugee from war-torn Syria is trying to enjoy his first western Christmas with his sons – but without his missing wife. Can the little family possibly find comfort and joy?

My Rating: 5/5

My Review: I absolutely LOVE this series and never want it to end. I was thrilled when I realised I hadn’t read this one and got started immediately. For people wanting to read the books in order maybe don’t continue to read my review as it will inevitably contain spoilers. When we last left Flora, she had made a complete change in her life. She had moved back to the small and remote Island of Mure. Her whole life changed when she met her now boyfriend Joel. Throught the last books we have seen their relationship grow and the struggles Joel has had due to his past, and in this book it seems they are both thrown another curveball.

We also are reunited with other favourite characters such as Saif and Lorna, as well as the heartbreaking story featuring Flora’s brother Fintan and the love of his life Colton. I feel invested in the characters that live on Mure and it was so good to see where they were all at, even though it was heartbreaking reading about Fintan’s situation.

I won’t re-hash the storyline as the synopsis gives the reader all they need to know, but what I will say is that these books stay with me. I don’t need ‘reminders’ of the characters and all I want to do is see what happens next for all of them. I sincerely hope we can revisit Mure in the future as I would happily read another installment.

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