Deceit by Kerry Barnes

Kerry Barnes Deceit Synopsis: Living in a beautiful home on the edge of a council estate, Kara Bannon can’t imagine what it’s like to have nothing.

An eerie phone call plays on her mind and within three days she loses everything – her job, her home and Justin, the only person she thought she could trust.

Alone and terrified, she makes a decision that will change her life forever.

Suddenly she has to enter a new world – Prison.

Revenge is not always so sweet…

My Rating: 5/5

My Review: Right that’s it, Kerry Barnes I have decided is an absolute MUST read author for all those fans out there that love the likes of Jessie Keane, Kimberley Chambers, Anna Smith etc. She has written some amazing books all of which I have loved but this book right here……..ohhhh its not just good its an absolute BELTER of a book!

Why I hear you ask is it SO good? Well, fellow readers I will tell you why! Yes she is writing in a genre that is pretty well known as ‘gangland’ shall we say and yes she writes amazingly but this little gem is pretty original in my eyes. This here is a book that has all the right ingredients but she used a character that you would never in a month of Sundays have put into this story line.

Kara Bannon is a normal woman who has a job, a home and a boyfriend but within the first few chapters that all changes. When she loses her job and her boyfriend Justin in one foul swoop she snaps. What actually happens is she ends up in prison (no that’s not a spoiler it’s the premise of the book)! But that is where the story goes from great to amazing. Throwing in a well spoken and highly educated woman who is completely naive to the system into a British prison among women who have huge amounts of experience and lots of street smarts when it comes to that sort of environment.

The story line introduces us to some great characters and as the story progresses we also get to see what happens to Justin and how he is dealing with life on the outside whilst we see a huge change in Kara as she adjusts to prison life. The middle of the book felt a little slow in parts but the writing and characters carried it through without me feeling like it impacted the book at all. Then prepare yourself for the final twist in the tail at the end of the book which I literally didn’t see coming. I finished this book and can say hand on heart its an absolutely fantastic book which you really do need to read!

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