The Summer Hideaway by Jenny Hale

The Summer Hideaway: An uplifting feel good summer romance by [Hale, Jenny]Synopsis: Alice Emerson and best friend Sasha Miller have made a pact. They’ve decided to swap city living for the beautiful white beaches of the Outer Banks and pour everything they have into launching an ice cream shop in the little house by the sea where Alice spent blissful childhood holidays with her grandfather. As Alice and Sasha add color to the walls of the beach house and tempt the locals with their delicious recipes, their fresh new life begins to take shape.
Swept away by her plans, love is the last thing on Alice’s mind. But she keeps running into mysterious doctor Jack Murphy, and finds herself falling for his golden charm and warm smile. As they laugh through sunshine-filled days and long romantic evenings, Alice tries hard not to think he could be the one for her – Jack is only here for the season, and Alice has had her fair share of heartbreak.Just when Alice’s summer couldn’t be more perfect, she discovers an old letter tucked away in the beach house. It contains a family secret that turns Alice’s world upside down and threatens the future of the ice cream shop. And then Jack reveals a secret of his own…Will Alice have her dreams shattered and her heart broken, or can she find true happiness this summer?
My Rating: 4/5

My Review: I really enjoy Jenny Hale’s books and this one is no different. Alice is the lead character along with her little boy Henry and she is currently struggling with her grief. Having lost her Grandfather she is at a point where having been left his old shop on the beach she has an opportunity to start her life over. However the decision is not an easy one as it means leaving her life which means living further from her Father, and possibly her friend. Luckily her friend Sasha who is also battling her own issues decides to star afresh alongside Alice.
The description of the beautiful beach where her Grandfather’s shop is made me want to instantly book a holiday there. Alice and Sasha make a decision to start their own business based out of the shop and the readers get to go along for the ride. I liked all the characters in this book including the very handsome Doctor named Jack and his Father Butch. This was certainly an enjoyable and uplifting summer read but in honesty is maybe not one of my favourites from Jenny Hale. All the same it’s certainly an enjoyable book, it just didn’t leave as much of an impression on me as some of her other books have done.

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