The Edge by Jessie Keane (Ruby Darke #3)

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Synopsis: With a mind sharper than a razor blade it was only a matter of time before Ruby Darke fought her way to the top. From humble beginnings she became the queen of London’s retail, but she didn’t get there by obeying the law.

Now with her son Kit and daughter Daisy finally by her side she’s ready to start a new chapter in her life, but, unknown to all of them, enemies are circling.

There aren’t many who threaten Ruby Darke and live to tell the tale. But this time, she may just have met her match.

If you live on the edge, you may just die on it . . .

My Rating: 5/5

My Review: Well I have to say initially when I read the opening chapters, I wondered whether Jessie Keane had maybe made a bit of a bold error, however having now finished the book I can safely say I am talking rubbish! This book which is number 3 in the series featuring Ruby Darke was released in January and is an absolutely brilliant addition to this series. I have very recently got myself up to date with this series and because of that I went straight into this book without even reading the synopsis.

For people who just happen to pick this book up, I guess you could read it as a standalone, but for me the history and development of the characters is just too important and too damn good a read to miss, so do yourself a favour and start with book 1.

Ruby along with her son Kit and her daughter Daisy are all at a new point in their life and things seem to be on the up, oh yes….until about 2 chapters in when it all comes crashing down. This book literally gives you no time to settle and throws everything and it’s dog under the bus! I was gripped and once again didn’t put this down until I literally was forced to.

I won’t repeat other reviews which detail the story, however what I will say is that this book is pacey, enthralling and an absolute gem of a series. Jessie Keane has always been an extremely talented author, but I love the fact she has matched (and maybe surpassed) expectations with the Ruby Darke series against her previous and very well loved series featuring Annie Carter. Sadly I now only have one standalone book left of Jessie Keanes unread so I guess I will save that one up for a special occassion (does anyone else do that?)

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