The Cottage on Sunshine Beach by Holly Martin (Sandcastle Bay #2)

downloadSynopsis: Melody Rosewood loves her new home in idyllic Sandcastle Bay. The beautiful little cottage on the edge of Sunshine Beach, with its bright yellow door and view of the sea has captured her heart. And she loves being close by to her family and best friend Tori Graham.

Life by the sea is pretty much perfect, there’s just one thing missing…

Gorgeous Jamie Jackson, with his cheeky grin and adorable puppy, works as a sculptor opposite Melody’s jewellery shop. From the moment he and Melody meet sparks fly. But despite their instant attraction, a past heartache is holding Jamie back.

As Melody starts to make a life for herself in the close-knit, quirky seaside community, she realises Jamie could be the one for her. But as the two of them take a chance on romance, it’s one dating disaster after another. Are they destined to always be just good friends?

Or will Melody finally find her happily-ever-after in Sandcastle Bay?

My Rating: 5/5

My Review: I realised a few chapters in that I had already read this book but also realised I didn’t care so just read it again! Melody Rosewood lives in Sandcastle Bay, which from the pictures Holly Martin paints in my imagination is absolutely beautiful and idyllic. We got to catch up with Aidan and Tori who featured in Book 1 (although you don’t have to read these in order), as well as seeing Leo and Isla, all characters that appear in the other books.

Jamie Jackson is the lead on the other side of this story and is a sculptor. Having already read about Jamie it was great to get the take with him as well as Melody this time around. There are literally so many things to love about this book, as well as all of the others I have read of hers. Holly Martin rarely fails to deliver a 5 star read for me. Some may say that these ‘happy ever after’ books are everywhere, however rarely are they delivered with as much style as Holly Martin!

I literally know I am guaranteed a good read if it’s written by her and all of her books have the ability to make you smile. She also has a very rare knack of creating peoples perfect destinations within her pages. I literally would be booking a holiday there every year if I could! I absolutely adored this book and think all of her books are guaranteed to transport you to a happy place

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