Cross Justice by James Patterson (Alex Cross #23)

Synopsis: When his cousin stands accused of a terrible murder, Alex Cross returns to his North Carolina hometown for the first time in thirty years.

As he strives to prove his cousin’s innocence amid small-town corruption and prejudice, Cross unearths a family secret that makes him question everything he thought he knew. 

Chasing the ghosts of the past, Cross is pulled into a case baffling local police: a grisly string of murders, all of socialites. Hot on the trail of a brutal killer as well as his own past, Cross knows the answers he finds might be fatal…

My Rating: 4/5

My Review: I have been a little up and down with Patterson’s books but reading a Cross Novel takes me back as far as my teens and in truth even though one of them may be a little middle of the road, I still can’t resist picking up another. At this point I am probably five books behind in the series but reading this book has given me renewed faith (hopefully).

I picked this up a number of times and put it down as we see Alex Cross return to his hometown in North Carolina for the first time in 30 years. For a number of reasons it just had a slow and sluggish feel to it and I just couldn’t connect to the story. Since I have been reading more lately for my own pleasure rather than over committing to Blog Tours and promising reviews I have found my choices much more enjoyable. With that in mind I picked up where I last left off about 20% in and found myself enjoying it much more. 

I won’t go into the story line as this particular one including the ending has given the series a bit of a shake up. All I will say is that the second half flowed much better than the first. There is a lot of secrets that Alex and Bree uncover as well as trying to help Alex cousin who is on trial for murder.

Overall I think the book is worth a 4 out of 5 even though it had a terribly sluggish start, but the secrets that were uncovered make for a great fresh new feeling and I honestly thought that for the first time in a long while we got to see a little more of Alex Cross. Another decent read, I can only hope that the series continues to be great as it has been for many years

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