The Hunted by Kerry Barnes

Synopsis: Having spent her life watching her father run his East London firm, Zara Ezra has learnt a thing or two about being a gangster, and she’s ready to take over when the time comes.

Mike Regan, a blast from Zara’s past, is the head of his own firm, but when his son is kidnapped in the middle of a gangland feud, Mike has no choice but to accept help from the Ezras to get his little boy back alive.

With a rival firm playing increasingly dirty, murder moves to the top of the agenda and Zara has some big choices to make. It seems that the only way to come out on top is to play them at their own game…

But will she become The Hunter or The Hunted?

My Rating: 5/5

My Review. OH. MY. GOD! I have read one other Kerry Barnes which I really enjoyed but as many of you know reading has taken a bit of a back seat for a year or two now….until NOW! I started reading this book and literally a few chapters in that wad it. Everything stopped (work, TV, dinner the lot…) and didn’t resume normal service until I was done…until I realised the next book was available! Kerry Barnes made me feel much like I did back in the day reading the earlier books of Martina Cole. If you are a fan of this genre, especially people like Kimberley Chamber, Dreda Say-Mitchell and Jessie Keane then TRUST me you really need to start reading this author.

Mike Regan has a firm but is an old school Gentleman in many ways. He has his loyal friends on the firm Staffie, Lou and Willie and when Mike’s young son Ricky goes missing all hell breaks loose. On the opposing side you have Zara Ezra who works for her Father’s firm and within a matter of what seemed like seconds the two firms collide when a third party gets involved. I don’t want to re-has the story as there’s plenty in the synopsis. However, there is a lot going on in this book, none of which I wanted to miss.

I fell in love with Mike’s crew and the story spans over a number of years and you get a real feel for all the characters involved. Although the time gaps are sometimes a few years the story was absolutely impeccable and held my attention for every single page…literally!

The second half of the book was THAT good I made my husband have cheese on toast for dinner as I could read my kindle while using the grill! By the time I had got to the end I was almost devastated that it had ended and immediately went onto Amazon and was over the moon to realise that the next book featuring Mike Regan was available (released last month) so keep your eyes peeled as the review for this will no doubt be very soon. An absolute MUST read for fans of this type of book!

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