The Forgotten by Casey Kelleher (Byrne #3)


Synopsis: Nancy Byrne might be the head of the notorious Byrne crime family, but she’s determined to give her little daughter, Scarlett, the best start possible.

After the death of her beloved father, the notorious gangster Jimmy Byrne, nothing’s stopping Nancy from making money on her own terms – even if she has to combine motherhood with providing for her entire family. But with enemies at their door, she’ll do whatever it takes to protect her loved ones.

But then comes the day when Scarlett goes missing, snatched by a stranger during a trip to the local park, and Nancy’s world is torn apart. Amidst the terror of losing her precious daughter, Nancy is sure of only two things. Someone has taken her daughter … and when she finds them, there’s going to be hell to pay.

Can she find Scarlett – before it’s too late? Or will Nancy’s life of crime come back to haunt her in the worst way possible?

Kat’s Rating: 5/5

Kat’s Review: I am massively behind with so many authors and books and considering I was desperate to read this and have had it so long it has taken me ages! However, when I finally did get around to it (last night) it soon became apparebt I was in for a late night. For those that maybe haven’t read the previous 2 books, could you read as a standalone? I guess so, but I would also hazard a guess that the book would seem slightly over the top in parts and slightly confusing in places. I think to really appreciate this you have to have read the backstory in the previous two books.

My first Casey book was her first release over 6 years ago and I thoroughly enjoyed that very first book. I have gone on to enjoy all of the books she has written since then, however this book….it’s most definitely her best book yet and one that makes it feel like she has been writing forever. I picked this up later afternoon on Sunday and by the Monday morning I was squeezing the last few pages into my commute. It didn’t take me long to refresh my memory regarding the infamous Bryne clan.

I won’t re-has the hundreds of reviews before me, and the storyline is one that doesn’t need to be expanded on (especially as I am so late to the party with this book). What I will say is that this book had literally everything I could have wished for. It was engaging, full of drama and intrigue as well as being gritty and an absolutey banging end to this brilliant trilogy. It seems Casey is well and truly carving her own niche in the world of crime. I am really looking forward to what comes next for this author!

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