Come and Find Me by Sarah Hilary (Marnie Rome #5)


Synopsis: On the surface, Lara Chorley and Ruth Hull have nothing in common, other than their infatuation with Michael Vokey. Each is writing to a sadistic inmate, sharing her secrets, whispering her worst fears, craving his attention.

DI Marnie Rome understands obsession. She’s finding it hard to give up her own addiction to a dangerous man: her foster brother, Stephen Keele. She wasn’t able to save her parents from Stephen. She lives with that guilt every day.

As the hunt for Vokey gathers pace, Marnie fears one of the women may have found him – and is about to pay the ultimate price.

Kat’s Rating: 3/5

My Review: Well I am a little bit surprised by how I feel having finished this book. I am a huge Sarah Hilary fan and have loved the previous 4 books, however…yes you guessed it, I wasn’t overly keen on this one. Sometimes no matter how much a fan you are, some storylines you just can’t get into and this book was one such case.

For a start I picked up and started this book 3 times which is unusual for me, but every time I got the first couple of chapters in I found I didn’t want to read on. So on my third attempt I ploughed on and as with most books before you know it you are halfway through. The premise involves a riot at Cloverton Prison and a prisoner escapes, which leaves all sorts of problems in its wake and some of these problems involve Marnie Rome’s foster brother, Stephen Keele. Marnie’s sidekick Noah (who I love by the way) is back again and he and Marnie must find the escapee Michael Vokey before he does more damage.

I’m not going to delve any more into the storyline because the synopsis tells you that but in one way I almost felt like I had read this on its own without knowing who had written it Sarah Hilary would have been the last person I chose. I feel like her writing style is somewhat different to previous books and it almost felt like it could be read as a standalone book, even though there are some things that involve past events. I just can’t put my finger on what exactly it was but when you are part way into a series and have loved all 4 books, you have a certain expectation for book 5. I almost feel like having read this, somebody got it wrong and this isn’t the correct book by the right author…does that make sense.

If I look at it as a standalone book, yes it’s certainly not a bad book and I am sure thousands of people will love this. However, for me I really couldn’t move away from a middle of the road rating because it is just too far removed from the others in the series. Having seen many other reviews, I feel like maybe I am in the minority and maybe (sometimes this happens) my head wasn’t in the right frame of mind. I think my conclusion would be certainly not a bad book, just not what I was expecting. I think I may we revisit this in a few months just before Book 6 being released and see if I feel differently about it.

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