The Secret of Happiness by Lucy Diamond

51wiVO--Y5L._SY346_Synopsis: The best things in life . . . can be just around the corner

Rachel and Becca aren’t real sisters, or so they say. They are stepsisters, living far apart, with little in common. Rachel is the successful one: happily married with three children and a big house, plus an impressive career. Artistic Becca, meanwhile, lurches from one dead-end job to another, shares a titchy flat, and has given up on love.

The two of them have lost touch, but when Rachel doesn’t come home one night, Becca is called in to help. Once there, she quickly realizes that her stepsister’s life is not so perfect after all: Rachel’s handsome husband has moved out, her children are rebelling, and her glamorous career has taken a nosedive. Worst of all, nobody seems to have a clue where she might be.

As Becca begins to untangle Rachel’s secrets, she is forced to confront some uncomfortable truths about 
her own life, and the future seems uncertain.

But sometimes happiness can be found in the most unexpected places . . .

Kat’s Rating: 5/5

Kat’s Review: Meet Rachel and Becca, two step-sisters who are estranged, however when life throws them a curveball they have no idea how it will all turn out. We initially meet Rachel as she makes her way somewhere but the reader has no idea what she is planning on doing. Then we get introduced to Becca Rachel’s step-sister who didn’t seem to have much direction in life. Becca is called by Rachel’s babysitter to say the kids haven’t been collected and although it is strange that Becca was called, she decides to go and collect the kids even though she hasn’t seem them for years. The unfolding story is one that literally made me put down everything else I had to do to try to squeeze in as many pages as possible.

Becca is an instantly likeable character, but with Rebecca it took me a while to warm to her. However once the story unfolds and you realise why Rebecca is the way she is, it all starts to make a little more sense. I also loved the children and their interaction n the story. There are some funny moments as well as moments that were slightly more sombre but all done in a wonderful way. There is something about Lucy Diamond’s writing that manages to transport me away from day-to-day life and totally absorb me in her story. I have been a Diamond fan for some time and have yet to come across any book of hers that I haven’t enjoyed. It made me realise I need to start delving into some of my older books on my kindle instead of automatically reaching for the newest. Highly recommended

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