The Chosen Ones by Howard Linskey (DI Bradshaw #5)

51nB1qhyJXL._SY346_Synopsis: Eva Dunbar wakes in a large metal box. She has no idea who has taken her. She has no way out . . 

Eva isn’t the first young woman to disappear. Detective Ian Bradshaw, leading the search, has no leads – and precious little time.

When at last a body is found, the police hope the tragic discovery might at least provide a clue that will help them finally find the kidnapper.

But then they identify the body – and realise the case is more twisted than they ever imagined . . .

Kat’s Rating: 4/5

Kat’s Review: So we finally get to see Tom Carney and his partner Helen as well as Ian Bradshaw. I’ve read all of Mr L’s books and this particular series has always been one I enjoyed, however I lean more towards Tom and Helen as favourite characters over Bradshaw but this latest book makes them feel more like a team of three which is beginning to feel ‘the norm’!

Tom and Helen get called into help Bradshaw with the disappearance of a woman by the name of Eva Dunbar.We get to see Eva’s terror at the beginning of the book as she experiences the worst horror imaginable. She wakes to find herself locked in a metal crate with no means of escape. She doesn’t know how she got there or who did it, but her terror and fear literally drips from the first few pages.

One thing I love about these books is that they’re set a few years ago (the mid nineties I think) and it’s a time when police corruption has recently been exposed. This leaves Bradshaw’s force rather lacking in staff so when he gets the go ahead to use Tom and Helen he jumps at the chance. Together they start to investigate her disappearance and before long it seems to ring a remarkably similar bell to some earlier cases.

Interestingly an ex-girlfriend from Tom’s younger years Jenna makes an appearance and reaches out to Tom for help with a problem she is facing. The relationship between Tom and Helen is beyond frustration, but is interesting to see how it unfolds as the series progresses. I liked Tom’s girlfriend Penny though and thought she brought an extra thread to the story (albeit a smaller one) but it will be interesting to see if she goes the distance and makes it to the next book.

This latest release was as usual a brilliant read and although I was a little reluctant in the beginning all three of these characters are now incredibly readable, even Bradshaw who initially I couldn’t stand! This latest book felt like it had a slightly more dark and sinister edge to it than earlier ones in the series and that was a definite plus for me. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this latest one and think the series is one you should definitely try!

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