Hard Fall by J B Turner (Jon Reznick #5)

Synopsis: A friend in danger. A shadowy psych ward. A conspiracy beyond Reznick’s worst nightmares.

When an old Delta Force buddy comes to Jon Reznick for help, paranoid and fearing for his life, Reznick feels duty-bound to protect him. As a black-ops specialist, loyalty to his brothers in arms comes before everything—even the law.

But Jerry White proves difficult to protect. A runaway from a top-security psychiatric facility in upstate New York, he’s considered a danger to himself and others, and Reznick is powerless to stop shadowy senior hospital managers taking Jerry back by force. When FBI Assistant Director Martha Meyerstein warns him off, Reznick ignores her advice, suspecting the Wittenden Institute is not what it seems.

Digging deeper into the hospital’s background—and that of its esteemed manager, Dr. Robert Gittinger—Reznick begins to unravel a sinister plot that will bring warzone black ops to American soil. And when his own life comes under threat, he discovers that Jerry is trapped in a web of high-level conspiracies more terrifying than anything he has ever encountered…

Kat’s Rating: 5/5

Kat’s Review: These books are always fantastic and this one is absolutely no exception. They remind me of the high-octane films that keep you glued to the TV for a couple of hours. However, the star of the show is absolutely what makes this series as Jon Reznick is a brilliant lead character. An ex-Delta guy means he has all the skills in the world, add into the mix he doesn’t appear to be scared of anything as well as the fact that he is bordering on drug addiction and you have yourself an incredibly compelling lead guy.

Jon is at home doing his normal thing and when he takes a trip out he is followed by somebody. His suspicions are on high alert until he realises the guy is none other that Jerry White. Jerry was also a Delta with Jon but Jerry is paranoid and clearly scared. Jon assumes that Jerry is suffering with PTSD, but when the hospital staff turn up to take him back to the psychiatric facility he was at, Jon senses something isn’t right. What follows is Jon getting himself into hot water and FBI Assistant Director Martha Meyerstein having to bail him out. However that is just the beginning my friends!

The story keeps its foot firmly on the accelerate pedal and literally doesn’t take it off for a second until the very last page. As usual JB Turner’s books kept me glued to the pages and thoroughly entertained. What surprises me is that he doesn’t appear to be that well read among other book lovers and friends of mine and it surprises me. This author is absolutely first class and I adore this series. I cannot wait for the next installment and if anybody is looking for that ‘can’t put it down, packed to the rafters thriller’ then this would be the ticket.

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