Life of Crime by Kimberley Chambers

Synopsis: Some people are made for a life of crime

Dragged up on a council estate, Jason Rampling was determined to change his lot. Jason’s a chancer, shameless with his good looks and his gift for earning a few quid. Life is easy when the money rolls in.

Some people are ruined by it

Melissa thought she’d struck gold marrying Jason. Being on his arm meant she was finally a someone. But there’s no glamour in waiting for your husband to come home, or waiting for a knock on the door. Melissa made her bed the day she made her vows – will she lie in it without a fight?

Some would kill for it

After a stretch inside Jason wants to pull off just one last job, the biggest of all, it could solve all of their problems. But this is a game that could cost them everything . . .

Kat’s Rating: 5/5

Kat’s Review: FINALLY! It always seems like such a long time between books from Kimberley Chambers but in reality it’s not. Last year saw the end of an era with the last book featuring the Mitchell’s and the Butlers. As much as I loved the books, I was glad they finished when they did and was really looking forward to a standalone book by KC. This latest book is all about Jason Rampling and Melissa Brooks and starts back in the beginning in 1994. Jason wants a better life for him and his daughter Shay. That means finding the perfect woman to be a mother to his daughter and would hopefully be the key to him getting off the Estate he lives on. Melissa thinks Jason is her very own Prince Charming and in her eyes her fairytale man has just walked into her life. In all honesty the first part of the book was the slowest for me. However, having got to the end I realised that without that build up of the characters the following elements of the book wouldn’t have had as much appeal.

The book is separated into parts and with each part we jump forward a few years and this element of the book was bang on the money. With each part of the book it seems to jump up a notch as more and more is revealed. I liked Jason as a character, but struggled with Melissa for a large part of the book. Even though I didn’t like her that much I understood why she was the was she was and towards the end I wanted her to make the best of things that she could. What I didn’t expect was the ending. Sadly for me, I was only halfway through the book and saw a few reviews which hinted at the ending (HATE that) but it was still done very cleverly and with typical Chambers style. 

I feel like I am always being extra critical with KC, but only because I secretly hope she never loses her touch. Some authors seem to hit a huge peak and then start to produce the same old stuff. Luckily KCs stuff always seems fresh and new and you never feel like characters are being re-created, they always have a different edge. Sadly this still hasn’t made it to my favourite of the KC books (The Schemer to date has that title) but was, as ever, an outstanding read which pulls you in and doesn’t let go right until the last page. KC fans will LOVE this book, and for those that maybe haven’t tried her out you really do need to start!

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