I Heart Forever by Lindsey Kelk (I Heart #7)


Synopsis: Winter in Manhattan…and someone’s keeping a secret.

The day her husband Alex picks up a backpack and goes travelling, Angela Clark promises to stay out of trouble and keep both Louboutins on the ground.

So when her best friend’s boyfriend confides in her, it can’t hurt to help him pick out a ring at Tiffany’s surely?

And when her fashion magazine announces major changes, being terminally late and arguing with your boss isn’t that bad, is it?

Then suddenly there’s another big secret Angela’s got to keep – and the man she loves is still thousands of miles away. As the wedding of the year looms, and Manhattan switches on its Christmas lights, Angela is going to need her friends by her side as her old life looks set to change forever.

Kat’s Rating: 5/5

Kat’s Review: It’s been far too long since I read a book in this series but it took me no time at all to get back into the swing of it with the loveable Angela Clarke. Angela is settled in New York and seems to have it all now, but as loyal readers will know everything Angela does is NEVER easy. This time around her husband Alex is on travels to Asia and Angela is left in New York which would be fine…until she discovers a secret. I know as one of those loyal readers that secrets and Angela don’t mix very well. IN fact is almost always a recipe for disaster and this latest book is no different.

What makes this series so special is not only Angela herself but the characters we have met along her journey such as Jenny Lopez her best friend. These two are a match made in heaven and some of the things they get up to had me roaring with laughter. In addition Angela has issues at work where she is Editor of Gloss magazine. With Alex away travelling we don’t actually see too much of him but in all honesty this book was all about Angela and Jenny and it just worked. 

I’m fearful of saying anything else about the storyline, because it really will be a spoiler for those that haven’t read it yet. Suffice to say that I absolutely loved this book and feel like I have severely missed out having not read any Kelk books for some time! I have seen other readers and reviewers say this may be the end of the series. I can’t say I have seen that anywhere but will be truly gutted if that’s the case. Besides the ending is left open for a corker of a next book if that’s not the case. This truly was a joy to read and I will be moving my unread Kelk stand alone books firmly up my to read list.

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