BLOG TOUR: When A Killer Strikes by R C Bridgestock (DI Jack Dylan #8)


Synopsis: “Boss, we’ve got a body”.

Hardly what Detective Inspector Jack Dylan needs to hear on his day off, especially as he’s in the middle of house-hunting with his wife Jen.

Detective Sergeant Vicky Hardacre greets him at the scene, but what awaits them behind the blood red door of Colonial House is undoubtedly a murder. The approach identifies several prime suspects. But who is telling the truth; and who is lying?

Before the killer can be caught, another body is discovered, this time in a putrefying mixture of mud and slime, lain among the remnants of decaying food within a waste-bin shelter. Now it’s the task of the man in charge to make the call. 

Are the two murders connected? 

There’s only one way to find out, and that’s by working long hours, within strict budgets, and the usual pressure from above to obtain quick results. 

However, Dylan is distracted by personal matters, with Jen being keen to seal the deal on a renovation project. He suggests they delay finalising the purchase; until he discovers the significance of the house, and that it’s about to be demolished.

In his absence, Jen’s pleas for help from his estranged siblings are answered, resulting in hidden secrets coming to light, as Dylan continues, through a twisting and turning plot, to ensure justice is done in respect of the murder victims, whose bright hopes for the future were cruelly snatched away.

Kat’s Rating: 4/5

Kat’s Review: I literally just finished book 7 in this series and moved staright onto book 8. On a personal front Jack Dylan and wife Jen are in the midst of house hunting and of course Jack (better know just by his surname Dylan) gets called in to a new murder scene. Patti Heinz is a 14 year old girl found killed in her own home. It seems far more complex than it first seemed and as usual the case is not as open and shut as the reader may think. In fact this latest story seems to open up a can of worms and there seem to be multiple suspects.

Jen meanwhile falls in love with a house that has far more history than she realised. This element of the story was so interesting and again the reader gets to experience a little more of the personal side of Dylan. Back at work Dylan finds things get more complicated but he has his trusty team supporting him all of whom I feel have a solid place in the series. When a further body is found even more pressure is placed on Dylan and the team and it seems like nothing is going their way. 

I am relatively new to the series but fast becoming a hardy fan for this very realistic series. The writing duo’s experience on the force shines through and I can honestly say this was my faviurite book so far. I think each book seems to leave me wanting just a little more which is alwys and added bonus and I almost feel like these authors are massively under rated. A hugely enjoyable book and a series that for me is going from strength to strength. Looking forward to what comes next!

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