The Hit by Anna Smith (Rosie Gilmour #9)


Synopsis: Rosie Gilmour is hot on the trail of a ring of baby-sellers and people-traffickers. The problem is, her main suspect is a dead man. Or is he?

A money-laundering accountant disappears in Romania. The hitman hired to disappear him is found dead in a Glasgow flat. And the owner of the flat, the accountant’s widow, claims she knows nothing about it.

Crime reporter Rosie Gilmour isn’t convinced by Helen Lewis’s innocent facade – she is convinced Helen was the one who ordered the hit on her husband, and she’s going to prove it. But when she discovers that Helen’s husband worked for a ring of gangsters selling babies from Romanian orphanages, her focus shifts. Now she has two sets of criminals to bring to justice – she’d better pray they don’t catch up with her first.

Kat’s Rating: 4/5

Kat’s Review: I am a huge fan of Anna Smith and love the Rosie Gilmour series. I was pleased to get stuck into book 9 although wan’t entirely sure what to expect. This book felt like it had 2 clear parts and elements to the story even though they are intertwined. Rosie ends up making her usual hair raising type of trip this time to Romania on the hunt for the people responsible for stealing babies from Orphanages and then selling them on to unsuspecting buyers. 

The other layer of the book deals with Helen Lewis who is on the run. As usual Rosie is in the thick of all of it. Not content with just ‘getting the story’ she manages to become part of it. For some reason the first half of the book was slower than Anna Smith’s usual offerings but once the second half started it picked up the pace and was back on top form. There is plenty of action, chills and thrills and for some this may be seen as the end of an era for Rosie. I on the other hand think the ending was absolutely perfect. 

I for one am thrilled at the ending solely because of Rosie’s personal life and maybe things will work out and we may see Rosie in the future, just not quite in the same light. This was a cracking read, not my favourite of the series but another solid read. Anna Smith is a fantastic wriiter and I am thrilled she has a new ‘Gangland style’ thriller book out in March next year. This series has been one of my favourites and has cemented Smith as one of my favourite Authors. Fingers crossed I love her next book as much as I’ve loved this series. If you haven’t read these books do yourself a favour and settle in with book 1, I promise you won’t regret it!

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