BLOG TOUR – Betrayed by Casey Kelleher (Bryne #1)


Synopsis: Jimmy Byrne is one of the biggest faces on the Soho scene. Equally feared and respected, he’s clawed his way to the top. Money is his game, and he’ll make it by any means necessary. 

When Jimmy sets his sights on shy young Colleen Walsh, she is quickly seduced by his sweet words and the life of luxury he offers her. But behind the diamonds and fur coats lies the reality of gangland violence – and by the time she realises the truth, she’s already in too deep. 

Like her father, Jimmy Byrne, Nancy Byrne is strong, opinionated – and ruthless. But when Jimmy is murdered. Nancy vows to find the killer and make them pay for their actions. 

Only the perpetrator is someone close to home. Someone she trusted. Someone who betrayed them all.

Blood is thicker than water – but Nancy is not afraid to spill some to get the truth.

Kat’s Rating: 4/5

Kat’s Review: Jimmy Byrne is front and centre with this latest release by Casey Kelleher. Jimmy is a well-known gangster who has his fingers in a lot of pies. When his paths cross with Edel Walsh, he discovers her daughter Collen who will change his life plan. The beginning of the book wastes no time in getting to the nitty gritty and the story unfolds fast and furiously. Before long Jimmy has his own way and Colleen Walsh goes n to become his wife. The reader is already aware of the betrayals and underhand dealings Jimmy is involved in and it seems the only person who isn’t is Nancy. Jimmy is a character you can love to hate and is certainly very readable, alongside his business partner Alex Costa. Although Colleen is likeable there was something too naïve about her which stopped me from feeling too sorry for her.

The book is separated into parts and as such it spans many years which actually works and although there were a couple of sections I felt were rushed to get to the next part of their lives by the end of the story it all made sense as to why the author had written in this way. Alongside Jimmy we also meet his Mother Joanie who plays a large part in Jimmy’s life and it’s clear that she is the woman that rules the Byrne family and will always be the ‘go-to’ woman. With Coleen around, Joanie realises that things may not always be the same. However, nobody could guess what would pan out and I have to be honest and say I certainly wasn’t expecting the story to unfold as it did.

The last part of the book was certainly more of a pull for me where we get to really see the characters for what they are and all the secrets start to be uncovered. The added bonus of the latter parts of the book were the addition of Jimmy’s children Nancy and Daniel both of whom were great characters that have left the way wide open for a follow-up to this book! Another cracking read by Casey Kelleher and I will as always wait for the next book knowing that I am going to get a great read.

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