Synopsis: In Vancouver, the wife of a millionaire is dead following an explosion in her own home.

Everyone thinks her husband is responsible, but former FBI profiler Jefferson Winter isn’t so sure. The method is too perfect; the lack of mistakes, uncanny. He’s seen a series of carefully orchestrated murders – once a year, on exactly the same day, a woman dies in a situation just like this one.

That date is fast approaching and Winter knows another victim has been selected. Can he identify the quiet man before he strikes again?

Kat’s Rating: 4/5

Kat’s Review: Having recently read Prey (Book 3 in this series) I was raring to go with the newest book by James Carol. Jefferson Winter is a memorable character, an ex-FBI guy with a shock of white hair who appears to live off of coffee and cigarettes. Seeing as Jeffersons own father was a Serial Killer, he has an unusual insight and has never really laid his hat anywhere. His work takes him all over the world and the latest case takes him to Vancouver in Canada.

This latest case is certainly unusual and it appears that the killer strikes just once a year on a specific date. His method of killing is by bomb and when PI Laura Anderton asks for his help he is only to happy to oblige. Anderton is a great character and seeing as she is an ex-copper it gives her an edge as well as experience. She and Winters make a great team and the cameraderie between them is obvious from the outset. Anderton was hired by the husband of the first victim and the two of therm together make a formidable team but don’t prove to be terribly popular!

Jefferson is one of those characters that has personal experience, years of actual experience as well as some twisted and warped logic at times. However, it seems to be what gets the job done. I particularly relished some of the scenes between Jefferson and a particularly irritating reporter. Although Jefferson is good at his job and such an interesting character to read he also has a darker side which makes for compulsive reading. As much as I enjoyed Prey the last book, this one feels more like the original book and was a real page turner. I thoroughly enjoyed it and cannot wait to read book 5!


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