Synopsis: Someone knows where the bodies are buried…

Little Susan Verity went missing during the heatwave of 1976. An unprecedented amount of police resource went into finding her, but to no avail. Until now.

Convicted serial killer Adrian Wicklow was always the prime suspect. In the past, he’s repeatedly lied to the police about where Susan’s body is buried – playing a sick game from behind bars.

But this time, he says, he’ll tell the truth. Because Adrian Wicklow is dying.

Detective Ian Bradshaw works with investigative journalists Helen Norton and Tom Carney to find the body. However, this is Wicklow’s life’s work. Would a murderer on death’s door give up his last secret so easily…?

Kat’s Rating: 4/5

Kat’s Review: So Tom, Helen and Ian Bradshaw are back. During the mid 70’s a young girl by the name of Susan Verity went missing and was never found. Adrian Wicklow was arrested and charged with her murder along with other victims and is now behind bars. Detective Ian Bradshaw is given the task of re-opening the case and trying to find the truth as Adrian Wicklow is dying. With no body and no closure they want the real story and the answers as to where Susan can be found. Bradshaw is given the task and enlists the help of journalists Tom Carney and Helen Norton.

Having read the previous 2 books in this series I was looking forward to seeing what came next for this unlikely trio. I absolutely love Tom and Helen but for some reason have never gelled all that well with Bradshaw. However I started to warm up to him in book 2 and to be honest am warming up to him even more in this latest instalment. Ian has to be careful as Adrian Wicklow is a typical serial killer and his manipulation skills are first class. Ian has to work to try and prevent being pulled down by the man himself and you see him struggle sat times to do this.

As usual Tom and Helen start to scour and dig deep which they are used to doing as journalists and in all honesty they make a great team. The book gives you the back story in parts and you get to see chapters based in the 70’s and I enjoyed the fact that you got to hear the story first hand from all the children involved. You also see the current timeline as Tom, Helen and Ian investigate what has since happened to all those children. In addition to this storyline Tom meets a girl by the name of Lena and helps her try to uncover where her missing sister is.

I particularly liked that fact that I felt like we are starting to get under the skin of each of these characters and more of their personalities are revealed. I always feel like I am more invested in a series when you connect with all the key players! I have to admit that this book holds the edge in this series so far and I was totally absorbed in the storyline. Read over two days it kept me captive from the first to the last page and I cannot wait to read more by Howard Linskey. A fantastic read and a series that I would highly recommend.


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