The Skeletons of Scarborough House by Kitty French (Chapelwick Mysteries #1)


Synopsis: Welcome to Chapelwick, a leafy English town in the hills of Shropshire, where chocolate fudge cake comes served with a side of murder.

Scarborough House is haunted, and it’s not doing much for Donovan Scarborough’s investment portfolio. No one wants to buy a place with levitating crockery, or (the wrong kind of) rhythmic pounding throughout the night.

Luckily, Melody “I-See-Dead-People” Bittersweet has just launched her own ghostbusting agency with best friend Marina, geeky, keen Arthur, and a one-eared pug called Lestat. They’re quick to take the case, even if it has already sort of (definitely) been given to Leo Dark, Melody’s rakish, despicable ex.

Melody soon discovers the resident phantoms are three brothers, one who was murdered at twenty, while the others lived to old age. But did the family exile the right person, or did the true killer get away with it?

Donovan Scarborough doesn’t care who solves the case. Whoever gets rid of the ghosts gets paid.

Can Melody and her new crew untangle the mystery, and bring the brothers peace, before Leo? Or will his distracting sexiness and Melody’s bonkers family cause the agency to fall at its first hurdle?

Kat’s Rating: 5/5

Kat’s Review: Oh my, it seems Kitty French has just shot straight to the top of my MUST READ list! Many of you know I am a fan of the romantic comedy type books but this…well I don’t know where you would out this in terms of genre but it definitely needs to have humour somewhere in the category. I’m not really a lover of ‘ghost type’ stories so to be honest I was reluctant to read this as the synopsis made me unsure. After cajoling from my friend Tara and the lovely Kim the Bookworm, I relented and clearly they knew exactly why I would like this and they were 100% correct. From the very first few pages I was chuckling. Melody Bittersweet is a character you absolutely fall in love with. Her and her clearly bonkers and eccentric family. The opening chapter had me messaging both my Mum and my sister to explain they HAD to start reading this.

Melody has decided to leave the family business consisting of her Mum and Gran and start her own alternative business which is helping people get rid of ghosts. She enlists the help of her long time friend Marina and ends up hiring a young lad names Art. The first quarter of the book I read on one commute and ended up trying to squeeze a few pages in whilst walking from the tube to my office (FYI, that’s probably not a good idea). When Melody’s ex-boyfriend Leo Darke works a case involving Scarborough House, Melody is determined to try and win the business. Of course what ensues is a hilarious tale of Melody and her two super-awesome sidekicks Marina and Art trying to beat Leo to the job of getting rid of the ghosts currently staying at the House.

Now I am aware that this all sounds very airy fairy, and believe me when I say I was ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE THAT ROLLED THEIR EYES WHEN READING THE SYNOPSIS! Yes, I am shouting it as I need to explain that I was sorely mistaken. This book is one of the funniest books I have read in a long time made extra special by all the quirky characters that you fall in love with. The ghosts also become part of the story-line and it was one that was done with style and finesse. Kitty French is my new hero and I am desperate to read the second book so I will waste no more time on telling you how much I loved this current one (I think you get it), and I am off to read the second book Mystery at Maplemead Castle! Do yourself a favour…DON’T roll your eyes like I did, and give it a try…it’s bound to put a smile on your face at the very least. HIGHLY recommended!

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