Backstabber by Kimberley Chambers (Butlers #5)


Synopsis: If you don’t face your enemies – they’ll stab you in the back.

One of them has a gun to his head. Who will pull the trigger?

When king of the underworld Vinny Butler goes into business with respected villain Eddie Mitchell, it’s a match made in East End legend. Friends and family are treated like gold, enemies like rats – it’s the life.

Then mysterious packages arrive, dead creatures and threats. Someone is out for revenge. Who the enemy is, nobody knows, anyone could be taking a pop. The gypsies who cursed Eddie, ghosts from Vinny’s past, enemies needing revenge. Even their own flesh and blood? There are some people you should never cross, some who can’t forgive or forget.

Who is the backstabber?

Kat’s Rating: 5/5

The Short Version: A fantastic end to a brilliant series of books. Done with all the KC flair and finesse but not for the faint hearted!

Kat’s Review: Okay, as many of you know I am certainly a KC fan and LOVE her books BUT, I have to be honest and say this almost didn’t get the full star rating from me, however after completing it there was just no way I could give it anything but 5/5. I know some people will think I am mad but the first quarter of the book I was questioning it. The reason I think is because this book is a culmination of two series all coming together for the big finale. However, it’s been a long time (a year) since I read Tainted Love and the first quarter of the book was like a Butler/O’Hara overload. I struggled to get my head around everybody again and was trying to place names, faces and story lines. I also did something which I have NEVER done with a KC book which was to put it down and read something else before going back to it. The second time around it took me less time and it all seemed to slot back into place but took a lot longer for me than the previous books.

I won’t go over where we are with these books as plenty can be found with the synopsis but I will tell you that I didn’t think there could be any more drama, aggro or violence than had been shown in previous books. It seems I was totally wrong on all counts and if anything KC managed to out-do herself in terms of getting across just how evil Big Vinny really is. One particular scene had me cringing and my skin crawling and I couldn’t help but admire just how talented she really is. Essentially Vinny Butler and Eddie O’Hara are now in business together but as many readers would have guessed that was never going to be an easy partnership, especially with the amount of skeletons still knocking around for both families!

I rejoiced at the return of the ‘devils spawn’ children Georgie and Harry and think this part of the story line was done particularly well. In fact all of it was done with flair, finesse and the Chambers touch (along with a few choice swear words thrown in). Once past the first quarter there was no let up and I rarely put the book down. It took me just a day and a half of solid reading which was pure bliss and in all honesty was finished exactly as it should have been. I have loved the O’Hara’s and the Butlers and think combining the series was a genius move. However, I feel like it’s ended at the right point and it’s now time to meet some new wrong’uns and I can’t wait to see what KC has up her sleeve next.

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