Synopsis: Detective Inspector Denis Hamilton is haunted when the suspicious death of a teenage girl triggers suppressed memories. With a stalker targeting vulnerable women in Central London, and his team rapidly diminishing, Hamilton must conquer his emotions before another family is destroyed.

In a sleepy town in Hertfordshire, Katy has worked hard to rebuild her life after leaving behind everything she knew. But when her past catches up with her, and her young son’s life is threatened, Katy must admit her true identity if she has any hope of surviving.

A home should be a safe place, shouldn’t it?

But sometimes it is hard to know who you can trust…

London’s murder investigations team returns in the second novel from the bestselling author of In the Shadows.

Kat’s Rating: 4/5

Kat’s Review: I was looking forward to reading the next in this series by Tara Lyons. The first book was a great read but a little slow to start with. Thankfully this one wasn’t the same in that respect and it only took a chapter or two before I was back in the life of Denis Hamilton and his colleagues. Their first case is something that Hamilton is struggling with and his colleague just can’t work out why. As a reader, we begin to learn a little more about Hamilton’s history and why his reaction to this particular crime scene was so unusual for a man with his experience. Hamilton’s colleagues Clarke and Fraser are likeable and easy to read about but my favourite had to be the addition of a new rookie team member Rocky. The team dynamic is great and more than anything very realistic. 

The other element of the story involves Katy, a woman and her small child that are clearly hiding from someone. They live their life in fear and it seems the safe place that you should call home, just doesn’t apply to them. Tara did a great job of translating Katy’s fear and paranoia to the reader and although I was frustrated for Kate, I also felt fear for her too. Reading her tale in conjunction with the murders being investigated by Hamilton and the team add even more tension to an already pretty tense situation.

As the story progresses, we learn more about the characters as well as the reasons behind all of their choices. Sadly, the situation just becomes increasingly more dangerous for Katy and her son and I found myself wondering who was responsible. I wasn’t entirely sure and was exceptionally pleased at the last quarter of the book. Lyons ups the ante and I read the last part of the book in one sitting. There were a couple of things that bugged me, which is why I couldn’t rate it the full 5, however they were small and insignificant enough for me not to care too much about them! I think this was so much better than the first book and if the next one is better still it will hopefully be a full 5 stars for the next book. This will definitely be a series I now follow and would recommend starting from book 1 even though this can be read as a standalone.

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