Death Trap by Anna Smith (Rosie Gilmour #8)


Synopsis: A SADISTIC KILLER IS ON THE LOOSE IN GLASGOW. Thomas Boag escaped from his first court appearance facing charges on a brutal murder. He’s suspected in the disappearances of two other people. Now he’s out for revenge.

Rosie Gilmour, crime reporter, helped put Boag behind bars. It was her investigation that provided enough evidence to arrest him. Now she’s watching her back.

Rosie tries to distract herself with a new story: refugees trafficked into Glasgow and used as modern-day slaves – or worse. But this investigation soon leads her into dangerous territory as it takes her up against some of Glasgow’s nastiest characters, and all the while, somewhere out there, Boag is laying his trap…

Kat’s Rating: 5/5

Kat’s Review: I am always excited when a new Rosie Gilmour book comes out, and this time was no exception. The synopsis had me all agitated and raring to go so I was pleased when I finally got started. Rosie had a serious problem from the outset in this book and it made it all the more exciting. Thomas Boag is in court following his charge for murder, however he escapes and is also suspected of an additional murders. Rosie is well aware that her reporting helped put him behind bars and she is all too aware that with Boag on the run, she will be a target.

As a typical Rosie technique she decides to take her colleague and photographer Matt along to throw herself into work. The latest story she is chasing involves refugees being trafficked into Glasgow and then being used as modern day slaves. Whilst the police and Rosie’s copper pal Don try to track Boag, Rosie and Matt are chasing a man named Tadi. Rosie’s journalist instinct is in full force as she investigates the wheres and whys of what Tadi has got himself involved in. This book was really fast paced from the very first chapter and it gave it a new sense of urgency. I also noticed that this time around due to the severity of Boag’s crimes we see a more vulnerable and nervous version of Rosie which made for a lot more realism.

As with each book I was willing to see the return of Adrian, Rosie’s pal and sure enough he turns up and I was literally jumping for joy upon his return. Rosie’s on-off partner TJ also makes an appearance (less impressed with this, as I just don’t like him!). Boag’s victim happened to be the son of Jonjo Mulhearn. Jonjo finally gets released after a nine year prison stretch and of course his and Rosie’s paths cross as they both try to work out where Boag will go. Jonjo was a great character and I loved him from the minute he joined the story. The series seems to have been gathering pace for a while and by the end of this book it felt like we (as in the readers) have seen Rosie cross an invisible line and it just makes the books that much more engaging.

I read this in two sittings and absolutely loved every page (well apart from when TJ was there). This is an absolutely cracking series and if people haven’t read Anna Smith I would suggest you start at the beginning as its been a fantastic journey and I am already wondering what is next for Rosie. Anna Smith you have written another stellar book, however I REALLY think you need to sort out this TJ/Adrian thing!!!

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