Always With Love by Giovanna Fletcher

Synopsis: Sophie’s got used to being the girlfriend of Billy Buskin, the biggest movie star in the world. Sort of.

But when she and Billy take a trip to visit his family in Los Angeles, she quickly discovers she’s totally unprepared for the chaos of Hollywood, the paparazzi and Billy’s controlling mother.

And when Billy extends his stay in LA, leaving Sophie to fly home to Rosefont Hill alone, it seems there’s more than just miles between them.

Now Sophie must decide if they can overcome their differences for good. Because not every love story lasts the distance . . .

Kat’s Rating: 4/5

Kat’s Review:I quickly realised when reading the synopsis that you really needed to read Billy & Me which was released in 2013. I quickly rectified that and as I enjoyed it so much I was keen to get going with this sequel. I was so pleased that I did as I really enjoyed it! This can certainly be read as a standalone, but is so much more enjoyable having the back story of these two. Billy and Sophie when we last left them had settled into life in a rural countryside setting in Kent and when we return things seem about as perfect as you could ask for. However, when Billy arranges a trip to visit his family in Los Angeles, Sophie realises things are going to be chaotic once again!

Billy’s parents and siblings are not what I expected and although Sophie is made to feel welcome she soon realises she is a little out of her depth when it comes to understanding the sort of fame and life that Billy has over there. When Billy is offered the chance to stay on a while, she realises that the distance between them will be the biggest test for their relationship. As Sophie returns to the UK and her little tea shop, she realises that the distance isn’t the only thing that will pose a problem (but I will say no more on that front).

The story flows well and I loved both Billy’s family as well as the return of all the villagers in Sophie’s home town. There were also some old fashioned elements in this story such as the decision for Billy and Sophie to go back to some of the old traditions and write to each other. The book picks up pace as both Sophie and Billy are pushed to the limits whilst desperately trying to make things work. There were certain things that felt a little unfinished and in all honesty I was surprised we didn’t get more insight into Billy’s family’s characters. That aside, this is an easy read with characters I really like and as such I thought it was a great sequel.

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