Hard Kill by J B Turner (Jon Reznick #2)

Synopsis: A senior American security adviser is missing, presumed kidnapped for his top-level military intelligence. FBI Assistant Director Martha Meyerstein needs to track him down before classified information gets into the wrong hands. She needs Jon Reznick on board.

The former black-ops assassin is supposed to be on vacation with his daughter, but when Meyerstein calls, it doesn’t pay to keep her waiting. Her elite team is convinced that the missing diplomat’s expertise in the Persian Gulf points to an Iranian terrorist cell, but Reznick isn’t so sure. His gut instinct tells him they’re all wrong. Never one to play by the rules, he finds himself working alone, following a lead that everyone else has dismissed. But to Reznick, the suspect seems a little too clean…

When the team comes under attack, the kidnapping is exposed as part of a much wider conspiracy, one far more dangerous than Meyerstein feared. Nothing and nobody is safe—and only Jon Reznick stands between national security and a campaign of unprecedented terror.

Kat’s Rating: 5/5

Kat’s Review: Wow, having just finished this I feel exhausted. I have read book 2 straight off the back of book 1, which I personally like to do occasionally. Jon Reznick is our leading man and as an Ex-Delta Force guy he is no idiot. After book 1 Jon is taking some time out when he receives the nod from FBI Assistant Director Martha Meyerstein that he is ‘needed’. He once again puts his visit to his daughter on hold and goes to see what Meyerstein needs from him.

When a Senior Security Adviser goes missing Jon joins Martha’s team as they try and work out what could have happened and how on earth they go about finding him. As ever nothing is as it seems and what they actually uncover seems to be a terrorist cell. Reznick goes all in and manages to land himself on the surveillance team which ultimately means he ends up walking on the thin line of breaking the rules.

In all honesty yes I have read thrillers similar in style and some people may not like the fact that this sort of book gets rave reviews but in all honesty they are right up my street. Jon is an easy character to like and I felt like we got to see a bit more of the real him in this book. We also see the welcome return of Martha’s colleagues from book one including Roy Stamper who I still haven’t quite made my mind up about yet! Plenty of plot threads, heart racing moments that have you holding your breath and action buy the bucket load. Maybe not the most original (especially in the wake of some of the very popular American TV dramas about) but an absolute page turner and a series that now makes me want to go straight onto book 3. Sadly I need to break this as I have other books I want to read prior to launch but lets see how long I can hold out.

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