Take A Chance on Me by Carol Wyer


Synopsis: When Charlie’s husband leaves after ten years of marriage, her spirits hit an all-time low. She just isn’t sure how to pick herself up again. So, best friend Mercedes makes it her mission to put a spring back in Charlie’s step with the perfect bucket list.

As Charlie takes a chance and bungee jumps and belly dances her way through an array of adventures, her love life also begins to look up and she’s soon enjoying a few dates as a newly single woman. She begins to realise that finding romance, might not be so hard, especially when you’ve got someone like journalist Jake who has an adorable little boy and is very easy on the eye. 

But is Jake too good to be true? As Charlie’s challenges on the bucket list get bigger, so do her questions about Jake. Should she continue to hold out for the fairy-tale? Or should she take a chance on Jake and hope for a happy ending? 

Kat’s Rating: 4/5

Kat’s Review: This was a lovely read even though it started a little on the slow side. Charlie’s past has unfortunately shaped her future and she is struggling to lift herself out of her funk. Luckily for her she has a friend named Mercedes who is larger than life. Mercedes convinces Charlie one drunken night out to complete each others Bucket List. It took me a while to really warm to Charlie but as she takes on Mercedes list you can’t help but feel like spurring her on.

Mercedes and Charlie make a great twosome as friends and this makes for easy reading. The reasons spurring Charlie on at first seem obvious but as she takes steps to complete each challenge something new comes along and changes her outlook. Even when she feels like giving up you just know that somehow she will manage to pull it off. One of the nicest things about this book is the colourful array of brilliant characters that join Charlie on her journey. From Peggy the next door neighbour with her pet parrot Bert, to the class of Belly Dancing friends she meets. There are also her colleagues at the City Hospital where she presents a radio show.

In addition to Charlie completing the list she has to deal with a slightly strange ex-boyfriend as well as a pesky journalist who seems to pop up at every corner. Life is certainly interesting and fun ans you can’t help but to be swept along with the excitement of it all while reading. The latter part of the book gets a little more exciting and by the time I had reached the end I was disappointed to have finished it. This is a real feel-good and heartwarming book that I thoroughly enjoyed and I look forward to Carol’s next book!

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