Kill Me Twice by Anna Smith (Rosie Gilmour #7)


Synopsis: A beautiful model’s death uncovers an ugly conspiracy stretching all the way to Westminster in Rosie Gilmour’s darkest case to date. When rags-to-riches Scots supermodel Bella Mason plunges to her death from the roof of a glitzy Madrid hotel, everyone assumes it was suicide. Except that one person saw exactly what happened to Bella that night, and she definitely didn’t jump. But Millie Chambers has no one she can tell – alcoholic, depressed herself and now sectioned by her bullying politician husband, who would believe her? And that’s not all Millie knows. Being close to the heart of Westminster power can lead to discovering some awful secrets…

Back in Glasgow, Rosie’s research into Bella’s life leads to her brother, separated from her in care years before. Dan is now a homeless heroin addict and rent boy, but what he reveals about Bella’s early life is electrifying: organised sexual abuse in care homes across Glasgow. Bella had tracked him down so that they could tell the world their story. And now she’s dead.

As Rosie’s drive to expose the truth leads her closer to Millie and the shameful secrets she has kept for so many years, it becomes clear that what she’s about to discover could prove fatal: a web of sexual abuse linking powerful figures across the nation, and the rot at the very heart of the British Establishment…

Kat’s Rating: 5/5

Kat’s Review: Wooohooo! I get to read ANOTHER Rosie Gilmour book early AND it’s brilliant…I love it when that happens. I have been a fan of this series for a while and Anna Smith has returned with the 7th book in this series and it was an absolute joy to read. Rosie Gilmour starts with a seemingly simple story to cover, the death of supermodel Bella Mason. However, like any story Rosie covers it’s never that simple of straightforward. What I LOVED about this was that the opening sets the reader on the sidelines of the actual death of Bella. We see the people involved and although the full extent of other characters isn’t quite revealed it makes for a great set up to the whole story-line.

Millie Chambers is the only person alive who really knows what happened to Bella, but as she battles with alcohol and her beast of a politician husband she isn’t sure what she can do. I read this in one sitting (literally) and even though the story starts off with a dramatic opener, it doesn’t seem to let up at any point. With Rosie digging her heels in and sticking her nose into any possible connection to Bella’s death it isn’t long before more secrets are revealed.

What Rosie doesn’t realise is that she will end up uncovering a lot more than she bargained on and that in doing so she is seriously rocking many boats. As with any Anna Smith book Rosie’s life is the main focal point, however her personal life doesn’t go completely untouched. It certainly isn’t overdone, if anything I always want to know more about Rosie’s personal life. However, although only fleeting glances are made into Rosie’s personal life I can’t say I’m completely convinced about what is going on there. Yes I know that probably sounds cryptic but for those that haven’t read the series I wouldn’t want to spoil it.

We also get to see the photographer Matt who works with Rosie as well as a couple of police contacts that have made various appearances over the series as well as Rosie’s boss Mick (who I love). There’s something incredibly comforting about seeing glimpses of these people as they have all featured at some point in various books through the series, The end of this book was great and frankly I felt a bit irritated with myself hat I hadn’t been patient enough to read it over a few days. Thankfully I don’t have that long to wait as book 8 in the series (Death Trap) is due in January 2017. For those that haven’t read this series you really must, it’s fantastic!!!

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