Blood Sister by Dreda Say Mitchell (Flesh & Blood #1)


Synopsis: There are two ways out of Essex Lane Estate, better known as The Devil. You make good, or you turn bad.

Jen Miller is determined not to make the same mistakes her mother did. She’s waiting to find herself a good job and a decent man.

Her younger sister Tiff is running errands for a gangster and looking for any opportunity for fun and profit. But she might just be in over her head…

The choices you make and the plans you have don’t always turn out like you expect. Especially if you live on The Devil’s Estate. When their paths cross with the unstoppable Dee – a woman with her own agenda – Jen and Tiff will learn that lesson the hard way.

At least they can rely on each other.

Kat’s Rating: 5/5

Kat’s Review: I have read all of DSM books and her most recent release featuring Rio Wray was a bit of a departure from her ‘gangland’ style of books she originally released. If you are a fan of Kimberley Chambers books then trust me on this you really should be reading Dreda Say-Mitchell. This latest release is a return to that original style of writing and is the first in a series named ‘Flesh and Blood Series’. It took me less than a few chapters to get totally involved in what was going on and who was up to what. Once I got to that point there was no turning back and I didn’t stop reading this for many things (short of a good nights kip).

Meet Jen and Tiff Miller, two sisters living on the notorious Devil’s Estate. These two sisters are poles apart and instantly you realise that life on the Estate is far from easy. Their mother Babs tries her best but with no father figure on the scene the two girls are trying to make the best of their situation, albeit in different ways. Tiff is a feisty character and the sullen teenager is written in a fantastic way. I knew from the start that Tiff would get herself into trouble and before long she is running errands for a gangster. Jen on the other hand meets a nice guy and is aiming for a career to better her future. On the other side of the fence we see Dee, a woman who has pushed herself into a mans world and is doing her best to get to the top through whatever means possible.

The story fast forwards and we see all three characters Jen, Tiff and Dee in VERY different places. The story then took a turn which kind of surprised me as I didn’t see where each of these women would be in that point in their lives. Once this second half of the story emerges it seems that everybody is at it, whether it be criminality, lying, stealing, cheating or anything else that means they have secrets. I don’t want to say any more about the story line except it was pleasantly surprising.

Some of the bigger characters such as Dee are so memorable and as much as she was outrageously over the top she is so memorable in a great way. Strong women everywhere take note, in this world if you can’t beat them you have to join them, It seems that Dreda Say-Mitchell has returned to her East London gritty style of writing and written the first in what I think will be an amazing trilogy. Also, once I got to the last few chapters I figured I knew it all…turns out I knew nothing! The ending was a jaw dropper and an absolute opener for the next book. I’m already trying to work out how early I can get my hands on a new copy. All you ladies that are Kim Chambers, Mandasue Heller and Jessie Keane fans….you really need to get your mitts on this, you WILL NOT be disappointed.

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