A corpse is found: its identity extinguished in the most shocking manner imaginable. Detective Ian Bradshaw can’t catch the killer if no one can ID the victim. Out there, somewhere, a missing young woman may hold the answers.


Journalist Helen Norton is about to uncover a massive criminal conspiracy. She just needs the final piece of the puzzle. Soon, she will learn the price of the truth.


True-crime writer Tom Carney receives letters from a convicted murderer who insists he is innocent. His argument is persuasive – but psychopaths are often said to be charming…



KAT’S REVIEW: I enjoyed the first book in this series (No Name Lane) and was looking forward to what came next for both Tom Carney and Helen Norton. As for Ian Bradshaw, well maybe not so much! When a body is found and is unrecognisable, Detective Ian Bradshaw is the copper working on the case. Ian Bradshaw is a character I am struggling with. He just doesn’t have the oomph required for me to even remotely like him. He is just too ordinary and I still feel (even after this book) that he is just too unmemorable. Having said that he plays his part and as book one had introduced him to Tom they certainly have a history.

Tom, meanwhile is asked to reinvestigate the murder of Rebecca Holt and he ends up utilising his friend and journalist Helen Norton. Both Tom and Helen’s work overlaps that of Ian Bradshaw’s and before long they are working as a team to try and uncover what really happened to Rebecca. This story was a little slower off the mark than No Name Lane but after a few chapters I was into the story and characters and began to enjoy it.

The story certainly had numerous threads to keep the reader entertained and I certainly enjoyed the fact that the story seemingly uncovered more and more deceit as time went on. The writing was great as usual but I still feel like there is something missing with this series and I think it definately comes down to characters. Yes I know I keep banging on about it, but it’s an important and key element for me and it’s what I feel is missing.

What I would like to see in the next book is more of Ian Bradshaws real personality. STOP Being middle of the road and maybe let the reader see the real him. Tom and Helen make a great team and I think there is plenty more for those two which is certainly something that keeps you tuned into a series. Let’s just hope that for the next outing Ian Bradshaw gets a boot up the backside and we get to see a bit more personality. That small niggle aside another solid read and I’ll as always be looking forward to what Howie produces next.

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