Find Her by Lisa Gardner (DD Warren #8)


Synopsis: I escaped the box. The coffin that was both my prison and my lifeline. My prison as I waited each day for release. My lifeline as being locked inside meant being away from him. I escaped the box, but I didn’t escape its consequences. Now danger’s irrelevant. All I care about is making them pay. The other predators out there. Those just like the man who took me. And if someone tries to grab me again? I know how to protect myself. And when another girl is taken? Have no doubt: I will do anything, anything, to find her.

Escaped kidnap victim Flora Dane has once again disappeared. Has the self-proclaimed vigilante become a victim? Or is something far more sinister at play? D.D. will have to race against the clock if she is going to Find Her.


KAT’S REVIEW: I’m a pretty hard core fan of Lisa Gardner, especially the DD Warren series. However, words of warning…don’t start reading this late at night! It’s what I did, and not only did it keep me up into the early hours, it also scared me witless. We get to see both Flora Dane’s point of view as well as DD Warren’s. Flora is a survivor in her own right, kept hostage for more than a year we literally live through her ordeal as she goes back in time as the story progresses.

For this latest DD outing, it seems Flora has once again disappeared. The bigger question this story poses is whether Flora has once again been kidnapped, or is this part of a bigger plan. DD seemingly takes a back-seat and I couldn’t help but feel that Flora’s story captured me a lot more than DD’s turn of events! With that minor niggle to one side the story itself absolutely captivated me.

The story is well paced and from the very outset had me shivering in fear at the descriptive and harrowing tale of Flora. Momentum is built in stages and you are swept along with each turn of events. DD still holds her own in this book yet she just didn’t quite shine like she normally does. This was certainly another solid read in the series. We also see an unexpected, albeit brief, glimpse of the character Kimberley Quincy. Don’t get too excited, it really was brief, but still it made me realise how much I long for another book in that series.

Overall this book ticks all the right boxes, including leaving me sleeping a little uneasy the night I started the book. For some reason I didn’t feel like it was a five star read, maybe because of DD taking a back seat but still an undeniably good book!

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