Blood Axe by Leigh Russell (Ian Peterson #3)


Synopsis: ‘Silently dipping his oars in the water he made his escape. It was a weary journey, with few spoils to show for it. Next time he would do better. He looked back over his shoulder. The bridge had disappeared, swallowed up by the darkness. From its walkway he too had become invisible. Only the bloody body of a woman showed he had been roaming the streets that night.’ DI Ian Peterson investigates a series of gruesome and brutal murders in York. As the body count mounts, the case demands all Ian’s ingenuity, because these are murders seemingly committed at random, and this is a killer who leaves no clues

Kat’s Rating: 4/5

Kat’s Review: There is a warrior lurking around York and within the first few chapters we have the most grisly crime scene played out in all its gory glory. The first few chapters are pretty absorbing and I would imagine quite a draw for a reader who maybe hasn’t read any of Leigh Russell’s books in the Ian Peterson series. Clues are lacking at the beginning although the only thing that seems to make sense is that the murder is somehow linked to a Viking Museum.

I like Ian Peterson and his spin off series has in my eyes been a total success. I sometimes feel like I want Ian to return to the Geraldine Steel, which is the series in which we meet him originally. We do see very brief glimpses of Geraldine as Ian and his former boss have stayed in contact. One of my most irritating issues within this series actually revolves around Ian’s wife Bev. Although this certainly isn’t a predominant feature in the series it still forms part of Ian’s life. Thank god Leigh Russell decided to deal with this issue in this current book and I am thrilled at the way the book was left.

The murderer seems to elude Ian and his colleagues and as bodies pile up, there seems to be less and less evidence and clues for them to work from. I liked Ian’s colleague Ted, but was less keen on Naomi. Having said that, the team plod on and work the case to the best of their ability. I was certainly engrossed and read this in two sittings. It still doesn’t quite pull me in like the Geraldine Steel series, but after this latest book I have a feeling that might all be about to change. Another solid read in the Peterson series.  Can’t wait for book 4 now!

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