Fifty Shades of Roxie Brown by Lynda Renham


Synopsis: Roxie Brown loves erotica and her friend, Sylvie, loves crime … novels of course. On a girls’ night out they meet The Great Zehilda, the tea leaf reader, and suddenly Roxie’s Fifty Shades fantasies about her millionaire boss, Ark Morgan, look about to become a reality. But then she looks through the telescope and her life is turned upside down. Roxie and Sylvie, with help from Sylvie’s flatmate, Felix, set out to crack the case. Can Ark Morgan save her or is he the man she should be running from? Then enter Sam Lockwood and her heart is shot with another arrow. Come with Roxie Brown on her hilarious crime-busting romantic adventure and discover if the love of her life is the man of her dreams or if the man she loves is her worst nightmare.

Kat’s Rating: 4/5

Kat’s Review: First off, if you want some serious reading with a hidden meaning and some serious fiction to make to evaluate things (why would you but each to their own) then this book won’t be for you. If you want something funny, ridiculous, entertaining and downright pleasurable then this may tick the boxes. It is pure escapism with a big fat capital E!

Roxie Brown is absolutely wonderful. She’s a normal girl, doing a mundane job as a Chambermaid but it pays the bills. Her layabout boyfriend Darren is a complete waste of space but her friends Sylvie and Felix are enough to keep her happy. Roxie is obsessed with a certain erotica type fictional book, so much so that much of her working day is spent fantasising over her boss Ark Morgan. Her friend Sylvie on the other hand is obsessed with fictional Crime and reckons she could be the next Jane Tennison.

Things take a bit of a strange turn when she is home one night following some shocking news and happens to peer through Darren’s telescope and witnesses a murder. This is the start of a hilarious and outlandish story involving every one. In addition to Ark Morgan, we meet Sam Lockstone who happens to be a rival of Ark Morgan’s. At this point Roxie does the only thing she knows…turns to her friends. Cue a hilarious tale while the three of them become determined to solve the crime.

Nope this book is not serious one little bit, and yes don’t get me wrong there are parts that are farfetched…but that’s what makes it so funny. Sylvie and Felix make an absolutely brilliant addition to Roxie and the situations they get themselves in to had me belly laughing on more than one occasion. I came to the end of the book and decided that I need a couple of friends like these; my life would certainly be a lot more interesting. A feel good and funny book that is perfect for cheering yourself up!

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