I am Death by Chris Carter (Robert Hunter #7)


AN EVIL MIND was Chris Carters’s most acclaimed novel to date, described by the Daily mail as: ‘A chilling, compulsive portrait of a psychopath, and proves that Carter is now in the Jeffrey Deaver class.’ It spent three weeks in the Sunday Times top ten and received brillant reviews and sales.

This terrifying new standalone thriller reunites Hunter and Garcia in their most explosive case to date

Kat’s Rating: 4/5

Kat’s Review: I have been seriously converted in a short space of time having not picked up his first book in the series until 2013. I made sure that I caught up in record time and always seem to be eagerly awaiting the next book. I was really looking forward to I Am Death, and wondered whether we would see the return of Hunter’s partner Garcia. For those that maybe haven’t read him before I would seriously suggest going back and starting at the beginning as this series is absolutely brilliant, Chris last book An Evil Mind scored a solid 5/5 from me even though Garcia didn’t feature in the book. Thankfully we see the return of him in this one and I am dead chuffed as it didn’t seem right without him.

Although this book features both of them, it is being marketed as a stand-alone novel. In this latest outing Hunter and Garcia are called upon when women are being abducted and found dead following torturous scenes. I have always found Chris Carter’s books to be extremely graphic, so if you aren’t a fan of this kind of thing you may want to steer clear. As usual there are questions surrounding how the killer is managing to abduct these women with no trace. Hunter and Garcia are as always religiously dedicated to tracking the killer down.

This particular book had me extremely squeamish in places and this is not normally something that bothers me all too much. However, some scenes were pretty harrowing and I found myself wishing it would hurry up and finish. Although I definitely enjoyed this book and am pleased to see the return of Garcia, I felt like it wasn’t quite as good as his previous books. The writing, characters and suspense is all there. For me however, this storyline didn’t grab me as much as other books he has written. This is certainly still a firm favourite when it comes to series of books and I will still look forward to the next one in the series.

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