No Other Darkness by Sarah Hilary (Marnie Rome #2)

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Synopsis: Two young boys. Trapped underground in a bunker. Unable to understand why they are there.  Desperate for someone to find them. Slowly realising that no-one will…

Five years later, the boys’ bodies are found and the most difficult case of DI Marnie Rome’s career begins. Her only focus is the boys. She has to find out who they are and what happened to them. For Marnie, there is no other darkness than this…

Kat’s Rating: 4/5

My Review: I loved Sarah Hilary’s debut novel, so much so that I moved straight onto Book 2 which was released in April.  DI Marnie Rome and her colleague DS Noah Jake are back together and investigating the discovery of two young children found in a hidden bunker. The opening chapters describing the murder scene are creep enough but you get that cold dark feeling seeping into your bones, when you realise this will not be a straightforward case.

In this second instalment, aside from the main storyline, I love the fact that we are getting snippets of information about the two main characters Marnie and Noah. I feel like you are getting to know them that little bit more with each book they appear in. The main storyline features some rather harrowing issues but they are dealt with brilliantly and you don’t feel like things are forced down your throat. What starts as a missing children’s case opens up a can of worms and before you know it there is so much more going on.

Another thing I really liked was the way your thought process follows you down one path and then Hilary pulls the twists out of the bag like only a Magician can do. I was left wondering a couple of times how I didn’t figure things out. Loads of plot threads keeping you entertained from start to finish and the writing and characters keep you wanting more. This is certainly going to be on my list of ‘must-read’ series. This is another fabulous new author to add to my ever growing list, and one that I would highly recommend.

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