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Kat’s Rating: 4/5 (just!)

Synopsis: Leading a tour down the rapids outside Aspen, Colorado, whitewater guide Dani Haller comes across the body of a close friend. Refusing to believe it was an accident, Dani uncovers evidence that backs up her suspicions and takes her case to Wade Dunn, local police chief and her ex-stepfather. Wade insists the case is closed but Rooster, a hot-air balloon operator, claims he saw something that Dani needs to know. Before she can find out, however, Rooster plunges to his death in a fiery crash. Dani threatens to go public with her evidence, and finds herself thrown in jail. When ex-detective Ty Hauck receives word that his god-daughter is in trouble, he immediately jumps to her aid. Together he and Dani step foot into a sinister scheme running deep beneath the surface of a quiet, Colorado town that has made a deal with devil to survive.

Kat’s Review: I am a fan of both Andrew Gross and the character Ty Hauck. However, this is the first Ty Hauck book in 5 years and I admit I was a little nervous. After reading around 20% of the book I hadn’t seen hide nor hair of Ty, but to be honest I wasn’t missing him. The main character Dani Haller is a feisty girl who works as a white-water guide. She comes across the body of a friend and is then like a dog with a bone, convinced that it was no accident. Dani is a great character and is gutsy and smart which always pulls me in. When Ty Hauck finally got a mention a fifty of the way I, I was quite surprised. It turns out that Dani is his God Daughter and he is the one that gets the phone call to go and help her out of the trouble she has landed herself in.

First off I had to try and reach the corners of my brain to work out what happened to Ty in the last instalment. Yu do get a brief overview but it wasn’t ringing any bells so I finally relented and went back and read my review to jog my memory. When Ty first appears it almost seems like he has had a bit of a personality transplant, either that or his extreme absence just hasn’t made my heart grow fonder! Anyhow, when he picks up Dani and gets collared with looking into the death of her friend it then starts to get interesting. There are certainly a lot of bad guys in this book and an awful lot of dodgy dealings and underhand tactics with a large corporation.

The last quarter of the book was much more ‘old-school’ Ty Hauck and it was much pacier and full of quite a few tensions and hair raising moments. Having said all of that, I struggled to rate this. Initially I wanted to give it 3, middle of the road but felt that the last part of the book more than made up for it so finally decided on a 4. I think my reluctance to be more positive is that I have come to the conclusion 5 years is too long to not read about a character (just in my opinion). It has been too long between books and I felt like it was meeting a new character all over again. There are numerous parts of this book that show just how awesome an author Andrew Gross is, but please Mr G….don’t leave Ty out for too long next time


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