The Wronged by Kimberley Chambers (Butlers #3)

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My Rating: 5/5

Synopsis: When the going gets tough, the Butlers get even… ‘Murdered in 1980 she was, bless her. Now I’ll tell you the story of everything that’s happened since…’ No parent should ever have to bury their child, but God knows the Butlers have buried more than their fair share. Now, Vinny and Michael are planning the downfall of all who’ve wronged them. The Butlers don’t forgive or forget, and they take their secrets to the grave. As yet more tragic events rip the family apart, loyalties are on a knife edge. Times are changing in the East End, and the brothers who have always stuck together are at each other’s throats. As the old saying goes – you keep your friends close, and your enemies closer… But you keep your family right where you can see them.

My Review – This is book 3 in the series featuring The Butlers. Book one was entitled The Trap and Book two was Payback. If you intend to read the series in order (which I would recommend) DON’T continue to read this review as there will inevitably be spoilers. The Butlers are most certainly back, only this time we are a few years on and everybody is that little bit older and have a whole new set of problems. Vinny and Michael Butler along with their mum Queenie and their children make up the larger part of characters but believe me there are plenty more that also appear and when things start to unravel it seems like everybody comes out of the woodwork.

A large chunk of the story gets under the skin of little Vinny Butler, and to be frank it turned my stomach. For those readers that have followed the story, you will all no doubt be dying to know what happens to various characters especially him. The answers are certainly there, but in typical KC fashion, she has got all the characters, chucked them in the mixer and by the time they come out, you once again have more questions than answers.

This book is actually really difficult to review without mentioning the plot, but I feel like the plot is something that has evolved with the series, and to mention any of it would be a spoiler. Something that definitely felt different which I LOVED was the presence (albeit not largely) of the Mitchell’s. I have a sneaking suspicion that Kim Chambers has a plan with the next book, and if my suspicion is right with where it’s going then it will be one hell of a book?!?!?!? Kim’s writing and storytelling seems to be getting better and more risky (in a good way) with each book she writes. This latest certainly pulls no punches and is packed to the rafters with drama, murder, and of course skulduggery! I was really shocked with what KC did with a few characters but think it was probably a necessary evil to make way for the second part of the plan with this storyline.

By the end of this book, my brain is already creating questions and I’m desperate to know what happens with the next part. There were literally heart stopping moments for me with this book and I found myself thinking it couldn’t get any more shocking. And then it does! Because we have seen the characters evolve, the younger characters are becoming adults…leading the way for a whole new wave of gangsters! Like I said before, if my instincts are correct then KC’s plan will involve taking massive risks with the next book which just makes me want to read it all the more. I did at one point wonder if there was TOO much packed into one book, but realised this is a necessary evil with a series that has progressed in this way. This was another absolute corker of a book which will please the fans no end and will no doubt will make it to the Bestsellers list in its first week.

For those that haven’t yet read Kimberley Chambers you are missing out. She is an author that seems to get better with time and if you are a fan of this type of genre then I think you will like her books. I would highly recommend starting with her first book and reading them in order.

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