Behind Closed Doors by Susan Lewis


My Rating: 3/5

Synopsis: When fourteen-year-old Sophie Monroe suddenly vanishes one night it looks at first as though she’s run away from home. Her computer and mobile phone have gone, and she’s taken a bag full of clothes. As the police investigation unfolds a wealth of secrets from the surrounding community start coming to light. And it seems everyone has something to hide. For Detective Sergeant Andrea Lawrence, the case is a painful reminder of the tragedy that tore her family apart over twenty years ago. She is convinced there is more to Sophie’s disappearance than teenage rebellion. But is the past clouding her judgment, preventing her from seeing a truth that neither she, nor Sophie’s family, would ever want to face?

Kat’s Review: I am a fan if Susan Lewis and am rarely disappointed. This latest book didn’t disappoint me, but it felt like there was something missing. The one thing I really loved was the Detective Sergeant Andrea Lawrence. She had her own experience with missing persons and it makes her such an interesting character as her past inevitably affects her future. The story becomes quite involved quite quickly as the 14 year old Sophie Monroe goes missing. The parents are distraught and the police move quickly to try and establish if she has run away of her own choice.

The storyline was certainly engaging and like I say the lead character was great, but the whole time I was reading it I felt like there was something I just couldn’t connect with. Having said that, it was still an incredibly good read, I guess I just have high expectations from this long time and reassuringly good author. There were parts where I felt like things were dragging and I wasn’t as engaged as I normally would be. 

Overall, an interesting and enjoyable read but not one of Susan Lewis best. I think when you buy an SL book you know you are in for a great story, but this one just wasn’t my cup of tea. 

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