Girl No 4 by Will Carver (January David #1)


My Rating: 4/5

Availability: Paperback, Kindle, Audio, Kobo and Nook

Synopsis: Detective Inspector January David has always put his professional before his private life, but now his two worlds clash horrifically as he visits his latest crime scene. Confronted with a ghostly figure suspended ten feet above a theatre stage, blood pouring from her face into a coffin below, it’s clear this gruesome execution scene is the work of an elusive serial killer.

But Girl 4 is different: she is alive – barely. And January recognises her.

Three women from three different London suburbs, each murdered with elaborate and chilling precision. And as January stares at the latest body, the most beautiful corpse he’s ever seen, he detects the killer’s hallmark. If he wants to save his own neck and prevent there being a Girl 5, January must get inside the mind of a serial killer and beat him at his own game…

My Review: How can a book you didn’t want to put down annoy you just as much? I am still somewhat confused as to how I felt about this book. Having said that, this is the first in the series and as I have learnt with other authors sometimes you just need to go with the flow. No doubt Will Carver has a plan for January David and I am hoping that as time goes on I will understand a bit more. 

January David has a name you certainly won’t forget, but his personality seems a bit mixed in this book. He is a good copper that much is obvious, but there are elements to him that I am struggling with, namely his ‘supernatural’ abilities. I try not to judge but as this isn’t a favourite theme of mine I tend to struggle with it. We also meet Jan’s wife Audrey and if I’m honest I didn’t take to her at all from the beginning. What I did take to was the very unique and unusual style of writing. The chapters are written from various characters points of view, whether that be January, the victims or the killer. This was such a novelty to me and the way the victims describe their last few hours was frankly quite chilling.

The murders themselves leave nothing to the imagination with brutal and grisly scenes described in vivid detail. I found myself wondering whether I knew who the killer was or not, and then less than a few pages after I would feel like I was back at square one. This was by no means a perfect book and if I am being 100% honest I don’t know how I will fair with the series. But….there was so much I really loved about this book. Yes it was weird, but it was also gripping, engaging and a whole lot more. I think the main issue I have is the stretch between believable fiction, and personal belief in terms of the supernatural. 

This book certainly won’t be fore everybody but it was so unique that I really didn’t want to put it down. I will move straight on to book 2, to see if I can form more of an understanding of January David. Hopefully this character will grow on me as I think the writing itself is fabulous. 

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