Eeny Meeny by M J Arlidge (Helen Grace #1)


Synopsis: The girl emerged from the woods, barely alive. Her story was beyond belief. But it was true. Every dreadful word of it. Days later, another desperate escapee is found – and a pattern is emerging. Pairs of victims are being abducted, imprisoned then faced with a terrible choice: kill or be killed. Would you rather lose your life or lose your mind? 

Detective Inspector Helen Grace has faced down her own demons on her rise to the top. As she leads the investigation to hunt down this unseen monster, she learns that it may be the survivors – living calling cards – who hold the key to the case.

 And unless she succeeds, more innocents will die . . .

Kat’s Rating: 4/5

My Review: Another book, another series, I just love it. A couple of my followers kept mentioning M J Aldridge and I relented and brought another book to add to the ever increasing to read pile. I’m very glad that I did as I read this and loved it. DI Helen Grace is a great character with some serious issues. These are highlighted from the start and it made me more intrigued about her. In addition to Helen we meet her two colleagues Mark and Charlie. Mark has his own issued and Helen does everything she can to keep him on the straight and narrow. Meanwhile Charlie is just trying to find her feet and prove herself to her boss Helen. All three characters were really engaging and highly enjoyable to read about.

The storyline was extremely catchy with murder victims being taken in pairs and left to die alone, hungry and scared. Their only choice is kill or be killed. The body count is high and it seems that there is more to this plot line than first meets the eye. Helen Grace seems to be very much at the front and centre and slowly more and more layers of Helens life are revealed leading to many question in my own head, as well as wondering who on earth would want to do that to her.

The violence is pretty graphic and ramped up with the complications between the three colleagues I was hooked from the start. Although Helen was readable there were still a few unanswered questions about her even at the end of the book. Having said that, for a debut novel it was a cracking read and I have already gone on to start book 2. I think this is a series which will definitely get better and better and the author clearly likes to reveal titbits rather than fling all the character info in within the first book. A definite recommendation from me and I can’t wait to get started on book 2!

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