My Rating: 4/5

 Availability: Paperback, Kindle and Kobo

 Synopsis: Ex-FBI profiler Jefferson Winter has taken a new case in sunny Louisiana, where the only thing more intense than the heat is a killer on the loose in the small town of Eagle Creek. But in a town where secrets are rife and history has a way of repeating itself, can Winter solve the case before someone else dies?

 My Review:   I read the first Jefferson Winter Book (Broken Dolls) and absolutely LOVED It. I was looking forward to once again meeting the white haired, Whisky loving profiler Jefferson Winter. Jefferson has a unique angle from his job as his father was once a serial killer. This makes Jefferson a somewhat more complex character than most. However, when it comes down to it, he seems reasonably sound considering his circumstances. He does however have a habit of drinking too much coffee, smoking too many cigarettes and partaking in great whiskey (in other words a very readable and likeable bloke). 

He is essentially freelance so when the latest case comes to his attention he jumps on a place bound for Louisiana. He’s met by man-mountain named Taylor who just clicked with Winter from the second they meet. Jefferson has his work cut out trying to figure out the latest case and the murder he has witnessed on screen seems to be only the beginning.

The actual story itself was told well and there was enough threads and intrigue to keep me very interested. However, although the story didn’t have quite the same pull that the first book did, the characters definitely held my attention. For some reason Jefferson, Taylor and Hannah (the owner of the place Jefferson is staying) just worked. The dynamic between them was good and I really hope this book isn’t the last we see of them!

I think this outing was definitely a page turner, however didn’t quite live up to the first book. Having said that I think this series has huge potential and most definitely has me hooked already. I can’t wait to see where Winter goes next and will really look forward to reading the next book.


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